Tuesday January 12th, 2010

The exercise:

Your Two Haiku Tuesday prompt this week: mockingbird.

AFC Word Count: 12,308
AFC Word Target: 12,000

Busy night tonight, I'll reply to yesterday's comments later.


Your voice is lovely,
But I believe I've heard it
From another's lips.

*     *     *

Outside my window
Your song greets the day with cheer;
Please stop mocking me.


Greg said...

Have fun with whatever you're doing this evening! Which feels like a strange thing to say, given it's actually 5am here :)

AFC is coming along nicely by the looks of things, is it still giving you difficulties when you write for it, or is flowing better now?

I like your first haiku a lot, but the second one is good too.


Dressed up in a bird's feathers:
But it's still plastic.


The bird in the tree,
Is watching and mocking me:
I'll set the cat free.

Marc said...

Kat got me an early Valentine's Day present - drumming lessons :)

They're every Tuesday night for the next six weeks and tonight was completely awesome. It's a group class and there were 8 or 9 students there and the sound was amazing.

AFC is starting to get easier. I actually enjoyed writing today, as I finally managed to get past a few difficult to write scenes.

Love your second haiku :)

Mimmy said...

Our world is frozen,
Chickadees don’t imitate
So I wait for spring

Glorya said...

@Eloo Your second haiku makes me smile. But that happens with a lot of your poetry :)

@Greg You cannot go wrong with a rhyming haiku with a punchline. Very nice ;)

Filagree mirror,
You steal my silver smile
And reflect me cold


His mockingbird tongue
Flutes his honest falsities,
Tugs at feathered hearts

Marc said...

Mimmy - I'm so glad to see you back - the only thing better than a new face around here is seeing that same face come back for more :)

That's a lovely winter-longing-for-spring haiku.

Archi - thanks :)

Your first is lovely and the second made me smile in return.