Saturday January 9th, 2010

The exercise:

Four line poem Saturday would you like to see you write about: plagiarism.

I'll update the AFC word count later, once I've actually done some work on it.

AFC Word Count: 9,149
AFC Word Target: 9,000


What's mine is mine,
What's yours is mine,
It's all mine.
Yeah, that sounds fine.


Greg said...

So what's inspired this post then? I'm now slightly worried that my inspiration was too close to your original poem, though I thought they reasonably different.
However, edging nervously away from that for a moment, it immediately reminded me of Tom Lehrer and his take on plagiarism, in an academic context:

I like your little poem too, by the way, I think it sums things up nicely!


Dont look at the page, avert your eyes,
In case you inadvertently plagiarise,
Write something new, don't try to rhyme,
Because stealing those words is surely a crime.

Marc said...

Hah. No, good lord no. Nothing to do with that.

The moderators have just been dealing with a child who thinks she can get away with plagiarism on Protagonize as long as she lies long enough and loudly enough.

Thanks very much for the link - that was pretty awesome :)

And I like your as well, suits the paranoia around creating something unique each time one sits down to write quite nicely.

Greg said...

Heh, maybe she should try insisting that it's not plagiarism, only 'reasearch'!
Good luck with dealing with her; by the sounds of it, little less than banning her from the site will work.


Mimmy said...

My loom sits
waiting for me
to copy someone's draft
and create it for me.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, that was the end result. But only after she created a second account while her first was made inactive while a decision was being mulled over - in which she clearly stated that she was the same person and that she'd created a new account because her other one 'got deleted' and was posting all of her same stories again.

I think she really thought she'd done nothing wrong.

Mimmy - heya, thanks so much for dropping by and contributing!

I quite like your interpretation of the prompt :)

I hope we'll be seeing more from you!