Saturday January 30th, 2010

The exercise:

Kat found her wedding dress yesterday (don't ask me what it looks like, I won't be seeing it for another six months. And a day.)

So to mark the occasion this week's four line poems shall be about: the dress.


I don't need to see the dress now
To know that day my heart will race.
I won't even see the dress then,
For my eyes will be on her face.


Bunny said...

The Dress

Pretty, frilly, lacy.
The dress.
All eyes gaze upon
the dress.

Greg said...

Well done to Kat on finding her dress! Will you be getting a new suit for the occasion?
The sentiment of your poem is fantastic, by the way, really beautiful.

The dress

Your summer dress, made of linen,
Cool and light, made to be seen in,
It swirls around you, sets off your face,
Grants you an ineff'ble grace.

Marc said...

Bunny - I like the repetition, it gives it a meditative feel :)

Greg - yeah, I don't really have anything that would work for the occasion. I'll be picking something up in the spring most likely, seeing as we'll be outdoors in the heat for the ceremony.

Thanks - your poem is quite lovely too :)