Monday January 25th, 2010

The exercise:

Well, that was definitely a Monday at work.

Your prompt today (having nothing to do with what I dealt with at work, for the record) is: act your age.

AFC Word Count: 27,172
AFC Word Target: 25,000

I'm going to tentatively say the first draft will be done in three days. Don't hold me to that.


You ball your fists
And stomp about.
You cry and scream
And sulk and pout.

It's all because
They said, "You lose"?
Please act your age,
You're sixty-two!


Greg said...

I'll second that, it's been quite a Monday for me too, and today looks like being even longer. That should be the worst of it though, so it's not all bad.
Good luck with the first draft then! I bet you never really thought you'd see the final first draft this early.

Cute little poem there too, it made me smile while I wait for my first coffee of the day :)

Act your age

When you find you've accidentally
Fallen in a tiger's cage,
It's never wise to tell the stripey fellow,
That he should act his age.
For this may irk the little tyke,
And put him in a real bad mood,
And young tigers are like children,
Often playing with their food.

Marc said...

Actually I thought I'd be done last week, haha. But it's wrapping up now and that's all that matters dang it.

Hah! Your poem returned the favor :)