Saturday January 2nd, 2010

The exercise:

Yesterday was a reminder that I'm quite out of the habit of forced writing. I had to pull those last 200 words kicking and screaming from my fingers. Hopefully it gets easier in the next few days.

Your four line poem prompt today: balance.

Update: only 895 words today, but I'll make up for that this week for sure.


A single step to either side
Is all it takes to veer off course -
And now she's running like a horse
And he is left without a bride.


Greg said...

Forced writing sounds slightly barbaric; I have this image of you sat at a bare wooden desk in a windowless room waiting for a guard to come in with a sheet of paper and a pen and then demand that you write a set number of words.
Nonetheless, I know what you mean, and it sounds like you're coming back to it readily enough: even writing is mostly a matter of practice!

I like today's poem, especially as the last line caught me by surprise! Very cute!


A tightrope stretches out,
Across the white water of the falls,
Each step requires very little:
Perfect balance, that's all.

Marc said...

I think I might actually get more writing done if that was the case :)

Glad you liked it, I did my best to switch things up with that last line.

I also greatly enjoyed your final line :)

Anonymous said...

So, I tried the poem. Oy...

We had perfect teeter totter fun
Mutually balanced, we upped and
Until you decided you were done
And I came crashing to the ground

Marc said...

Anon - haha, that's cute :)