Saturday January 16th, 2010

The exercise:

I finally finished labeling all of my old posts last night, so now I need to find another thing to do to procrastinate wri... um... nothing, just move along. Nothing to see here.

Your four line poem prompt this week: ducks.

I'm very fond of ducks, by the way. I'm not entirely sure why. But Kat and I went for a walk this morning and went by a couple duck ponds and she had to drag me away from both of them.

AFC Word Count: 16,713
AFC Word Target: 16,000


At rest and at play,
These ducks just make me smile.
With naught else to say,
I'll just stand here awhile.


g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

my brother fair, a ducky fan is he.
he hears a quack, and then emits a squee
of joy and smile of true delight,
and sighs he when his ducks take flight.
- - - - -
Most definitely not the best poem I've ever written, but it had to do with ducks, and the way you described your affection for the birds reminded me greatly of my brother.

Marc said...

I like your brother already :)

And while not the best, I certainly still enjoyed it. Admittedly though, it had to do with ducks, so I might be a bit biased :D

Greg said...

@g2: I rather liked the idea of your brother emitting a Squee, but as I've recently been reading about the chemistry of main-group elements when used as replacement for transition metals (it's best not to ask, really); I keep thinking that a squee should be some fundamental particle that then scares the ducks away....

@Marc: Hurrah, you now have time for Tagged, for upping your writing words on a Fighting Chance so you can finish by the end of the month, for practicing your drumming for Tuesdays... how can feel like you have nothing to do? ;-)
I liked your poem too; yours brings to mind a pensioner watching ducks and reminiscing.


My duck always used to go squee
Until I made it into duck confit.
It was cute before, but delicious now,
And I've got my eye on my wife's pet cow!

Marc said...

Yeah, today is certainly proving that I have *plenty* enough to do :P

Your poem made me laugh.

Also: duck confit is delicious.

Glorya said...

@Greg For some reason I read "confit" as "confetti"...

@g2 Very cute, and what else could you want from a ducky poem? :)

@Eloo My mom grew up with two pet ducks. She won the first at a fair, the second was an Easter gift ;)


Momsie, pweasy-weasy
Could I ever -
Be ever-so-goodsie
Just for please
To have
A duckling?

Glorya said...

Whoops - sorry it's not a four-liner. Forgot that part :P

Marc said...

Archi - oh man, I'm totally going to the next fair I see in the hopes of winning a duck!

And no worries on not following the 'rules' of the prompt. Truth is, I'm just happy when people share their take on the prompt.

But don't tell anyone else that. This place would dissolve into chaos within the hour if word got out.

Also: your poem made me smile.