Tuesday January 26th, 2010

The exercise:

Today was a much better day at work. I think the sunshine helped.

Your Two Haiku Tuesday prompt this week: decay.

AFC Word Count: 28,698 
AFC Word Target: 26,000

I'm going to be brave and say the first draft is getting finished tomorrow.


My nerves have been frayed
We don't talk, only argue
Our bond has decayed

*     *     *

Lisa's house of cards
Came tumbling down - that happens
When the king decays


Greg said...

How was the drum class this week? I meant to say that I thought it was quite convenient that it ended up on your original frisbee night, so you didn't have to move two-haiku-Tuesday around :)

And continuing congratulations on AFC!

Your rhyming haiku is very good, and the message in the second haiku is great, it sounds like the start of something bigger.


Your breath smells as bad
As decayed and rotting meat!
Oh dear! That's your feet!


Mushrooms love decay
These saprophitic fungi
Changing death to life.

Marc said...

Class was good, as always :)

Tuesday seems to be quite the happening night for me. Very convenient :P

Your first made me laugh while your second made me think. Good combination :)