Tuesday January 19th, 2010

The exercise:

Two things before I get to the prompt today.

Thing the first: if you've never done any hand drumming, you should. It is seriously fantastic stuff. The more people and drums and noise makers... the better.

Yes, I enjoyed class again tonight.

Thing the second: go read this. If you don't have time now, make time later.

Alrighty then. Your Two Haiku Tuesday prompt this week: the haunted house.
AFC Word Count: 21,471
AFC Word Target: 19,000


The voices I hear,
I know they're not really here...
But I still listen.

*     *     *

Chains rattle upstairs,
Floorboards creak in the basement;
My Realtor hates me.


Greg said...

So what were you learning this week in your class? I was wondering why your post was a little later than usual, but I'd forgotten that your classes had started.
And IrishGumbo's piece is interesting, and explains his comment yesterday!

I like your first haiku best, for the slightly odd reason that Realtor isn't used in British English so makes it harder for me to parse the haiku. Otherwise they're both great.

the Haunted House

Disneyland greets you!
Come see our Haunted House ride --
You'll wish you had died!


Something moves my tea,
My dog's too scared to bark now,
Ghosts have come for me....

morganna said...

Things I have seen:

Don't go upstairs, she
Keeps in the landing room bed,
Forever dying.

Falling down town
Fading soldiers marching
Past the old school house.

Marc said...

Greg - we started learning a Haitian rhythm that was quite challenging but I'm really digging it. I was drumming my desk at work all day :P

I didn't even realize Realtor had to be capitalized until it came up red on my spell check!

Really like your second one; that rhyme just works, ya know?

Morganna - oh, I really, really like that second one! So much in just three lines.

Well done :)