Tuesday January 5th, 2010

The exercise:

Your Two Haiku Tuesday prompt this week: muscle memory.

I went back to the gym for the first time in a long time yesterday. For the record: not a New Year's resolution, the timing and motivation just finally came together.

The more observant of you might have noticed I haven't been posting my progress on A Fighting Chance. That's because it hasn't been going well, haha. But! I'm starting to catch up. So here we go:

AFC Word Count: 4,716
AFC Word Target: 5,000


I don't need to think
When I take you in my arms -
They act on their own.

*     *     *

Sunlight pouring down,
Tanned, fit bodies all around;
My youth at the beach.


Glorya said...

Trill of tremored fourth
Illumes the ended measure:
Your A flat is sharp


Bones and muscle heat
Enmeshed in a tender weave,
Their hands fold as one.

You might know me better as "Archi" ;)

Greg said...

In a way, you've got a particularly difficult task with AFC because you're coming to the middle of the story with your new writing targets -- it's a daunting challenge. So I think you're doing pretty well there.
I have been keeping an eye on Protagonize for more chapters to it though ;-)

Your first haiku is lovely, the second is also good, but it snowed overnight here so I'm having trouble picturing it :)

And well done with the gym! I bet you ache horribly tomorrow though....

Muscle Memory

Fingers flex: one, two,
And the melody sings out:
Music from the heart.


Storms blow in like rage,
My body bends to hold you;
Muscle memory.

morganna said...

They say muscles have
Memory but if they do, why
Don't I remember?

Riding bikes -- you never
Forget? Why am I wobbling
All over the road?

C. Beth said...

I really love that first one, Marc!

Wanted to congratulate you on yet another win--for 12/31. Great job. Thanks for making me smile. :)

C. Beth said...

Oops, sorry--it was 1/1, not 12/31.

Marc said...

Archi/Glorya - yay! So good to see you here :)

Your second haiku is gorgeous.

Greg - yeah, I learned that on day one. Totally different animal. But I'm enjoying the challenge.

And the aches, they be here in force.

I like both of yours... hmm, equally. Perhaps the second a touch more.

Morganna - haha, I can relate to that second one :)

Beth - thanks very much! Times two :)

And you're most welcome. I do so love making people smile.