Friday May 27th, 2011

The exercise:

Four lines of prose about: the rental.

Boston vs Vancouver in the finals. Can't wait for Wednesday night.

The forecast for tomorrow morning is wet and cold, so we're skipping the market this week. People just don't come out in that kind of weather, and we don't have anything to sell that won't keep for next weekend. Hopefully the sun comes out for that one.


The man behind the car rental desk swallowed noisily as he held out the keys to the obviously unimpressed customer. His fingers trembled slightly, causing the keys to jingle unpleasantly in the otherwise silent room.

"A Pinto?" Henri said, his cell phone already in hand. "I'll have your head on a platter before the sun goes down."


Greg said...

Yay! Henri is back, and already sounding malevolent! His staff seem to have a deathwish, don't they?
I hope you enjoy your Saturday without the market; I guess supermarkets are kind of worst in that kind of weather, because they do make it easy for people to make the dry choice instead of the good-food one. Are you going to build a new greenhouse yourselves, then?

The rental
"Dodgem cars!" said Mummy, sounding delighted. Toddler giggled happily in his booster-seat, enjoying the sensations as the car swung from side to side, accelerating and decelerating unpredictably. Mummy sounded the horn, and swerved at another oncoming car.
"Rentals are so much fun," she said.

Heather said...

The top was too short, the bottoms too long. The bow too tight and shoes too wide. The only thing right was that it was black and white. Looking at him, I understood his regret of saying his "I do's" in the monkey suit.

Marc said...

Greg - not sure. But likely building it ourselves will be the cheapest option, so probably.

Playing Dodgem Cars with a rental is the only way to play that game :)

Heather - ugh, I can totally sympathize. I had no intention of going the monkey suit route, and thankfully Kat was happy to oblige. Getting married in Okanagan heat helped my case too :)