Tuesday May 3rd, 2011

The exercise:

Gimme two haiku about: the actor.

The Canucks won in overtime tonight after losing game two in double overtime, so they're up 2-1 now. Every game so far could have easily gone either way, so I'll definitely take two out of three and hope things continue to go their way.

Oh, I got a picture of Sir Phillip today! Remind me to share it tomorrow, if you'd be so kind.


He's in his trailer,
refusing to leave until
he gets more cookies.

*     *     *

The director quit
so he's in charge now. Expect
a lot more close-ups.


Greg said...

The Canucks are clearly going for exciting this season, keeping you on the edge of your seat! Let's hope they give you a bit of a breather and win the next game in ordinary time :)
Yes, a picture of Sir Phillip would be much appreciated!
Both good haikus today; I think I prefer the second, but it's a close-run content.

the Actor
His stage-presence is
commanding, but today he's
a little too drunk.


No role defies him,
but he's having trouble now:
he's playing a duck.

Marc said...

Greg - I like both of yours, but the picture I have in my head after reading the second one makes it my favorite :)