Sunday May 22nd, 2011

The exercise:

Let's go with: in command.

Because after winning today, the Canucks now have a commanding three games to one lead in their series. One more win and they're in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Kat and I rested this morning and then did some work in the greenhouse in the afternoon - planting more herb seeds and potting up pepper plants to sell at the market next weekend. And now I'm too sleepy to think of a decent way to wrap this up, so I'll just get on with it, shall I?


The five men sat around the conference table, dressed in suits and looking bored as they flipped through the reports arrayed before them. Five matching coffee cups sat empty on the table, but so far only one attendee showed any sign of needing to go to the bathroom.

Several minutes passed before they stopped pretending to read their paperwork. After another minute they began exchanging silent glances. Finally one man had enough and called the meeting to order.

"All right," he declared in a confident tone. "Now that we're all here... aren't we? Yes, of course. Well then, let's get this meeting underway."

He looked around the table expectantly but no one spoke. In fact, he was quite displeased to note that they were looking at him with that same expression.

"Wait a second," he said slowly. "Just who is in command here?"

The meeting concluded a few moments later without another word being said.


Greg said...

Wow, I didn't realise that the Canucks were so close to the final! So what's been the difference this year -- did they get some new players, or a new coach, or what?
Are those pepper plants chilis or capsicums? I have two little chili pepper plants on my windowsill and they're both just flowering now, so I'm expecting tiny little peppers (about as long as a finger joint) in a couple of months.
Heh, I like the way you make a climax out of an anti-climax today. I especially like the way the paragraphs get shorter towards the end, adding to the anticipation.

In command
"What are you doing?" Sylvestra tried for light and casual, but it came out sounding like an accusation. The Green Lightbulb stiffened, but the heavy-set young man next to him just reached for a slice of pizza.
Another slice of pizza, Sylvestra realised, taking in the three empty boxes stacked on the end of the conference room table.
"I'm learning Co-bobble," said the Green Lightbulb. "It's the language our servers speak."
"COBOL," said the other man, who Sylvestra had now decided was actually just fat.
"Why?" said Sylvestra, directing her question at the fat man. "And who are you?"
"Because he's paying me," said the fat man, his voice muffled by the pizza he was eating. A slice of chorizo slipped from his mouth and disappeared into his lap. "And I'm the Lyrical Coder. Are you in command here?"
Sylvestra smiled thinly, aware that she couldn't say yes without tacitly ceding command to the Green Lightbulb, but that to say no would start an argument.
"I am," said a prissy, clucking voice behind her, and a bald parrot squawked desperately and flew into the room, landing on the Green Lightbulb's head.

Marc said...

Greg - same coach, mostly the same core players, but they added some key players to add depth to their defense and supporting forwards. Plus I like to think that they've learned from previous years' mistakes.

*fingers crossed*

We've got some hot pepper plants, but mostly they're of the sweeter varieties. There doesn't seem to be a huge demand for hot peppers around here.

Loved the entrance by the parrot. That bird knows how to make an appearance :)