Tuesday May 17th, 2011

The exercise:

Think of a situation or an event. Now give me one haiku from an optimist's perspective, and a second haiku from a pessimist's point of view.

After being a bit dark and rainy yesterday, the sun came back out to play today - and it's looking to stay that way for the foreseeable future. This pleases me. And hopefully the veggies as well!


They pulled my numbers?
Great, now all of my friends will
become gold diggers.

*     *     *

My winning ticket
means no more debt and Mama
can retire at last!


Greg said...

I'm sure the veggies love the rain almost as much as the sun! It's a little grey and overcast here, and I actually wish it would rain; I seem to see very little of it in London these days.
I like the twist on two-haiku Tuesday, though I'm not sure I remember what optimism is.
I like your first haiku better, as you might expect.

Optimist vs Pessimist
PowerPoint is dead,
The audience are cheering,
We can leave early!


PowerPoint is dead,
Now who will try to stop their
Plan to tax breathing?

Aholiab said...

The rain that we had in Texas last week was very welcome, since it had been weeks since the last time.

Marc, I'm still waiting for someone to mail me a winning ticket. Greg, I still had 203 more PowerPoint slides to show; maybe if I start over...


Forced retirement
I am old, tired, obsolete,
Nursing home is next.

My last day of work
Stonehenge, French wine, Greek beaches
Life has just begun

Marc said...

Greg - a little optimism never hurt anybody :P

I remember cheering the death of technology more than once in the hopes that it meant we got to leave early.

Aholiab - beautiful contrast between your two haiku. It's all about how you look at things, isn't it?

Paul said...

The rain from the West
Brings damp and cold to my bones
Old age commences

The rain from the West
Brings water to crying fields
New life is starting

Marc said...

Paul - rain is an excellent choice for contrasting haiku, and you did a great job with both.