Saturday May 28th, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: blue.

I missed being at the market today, but it was the right choice. We would have been miserably cold and made enough to pay for gas and maybe a little extra. But we'll definitely be there next week.

Plus we were very productive around here, planting corn, squash, and melons while dodging raindrops.


I'm thinking of you
And feeling blue -
But then you kiss Fred
And I see red.


Greg said...

My ISP is playing up badly at the moment, and are in danger of getting a phone call asking for a refund since they're not providing the service I pay for, so this has to be fairly short.
Sounds like you had a very productive day! I think the occasional day away from the market can be refreshing, so long as it's not so often you stop making money :)
Heh, I wonder who Fred is now!

It was always your favourite colour,
Everything had to be blue,
But now it's spread to your face,
And it's an unattractive hue!

Marc said...

Greg - give 'em hell!

Hah, that is an unfortunate turn of events. I think it's much safer to have red as a... no, I suppose it might not. Never mind.

Kim said...

I like blue,
Lots of people do,
My friends like blue too,
Do You?
Random Poem.