Thursday May 12th, 2011

The exercise:

Now that Blogger is finally working again (though I think Wednesday's comments are gone forever - argh), I'd like to try something new. I'm calling it: out of context.

The idea is to take things that might be said in a provided location or situation that elsewhere would be worrying, strange, inappropriate, or just plain old silly. Hopefully my example will make that clearer.

We'll begin with: in the kitchen.

The Sharks won game seven, so they'll be Vancouver's opponent in round three. I can't wait :)


"So I just cut 'er in half and scrape the insides out?"

* * *
"Damn it. They're making me cry."
"Maybe you should stop cutting them."
"Not an option. They need to be in tiny pieces."

* * *

"Great, it's spitting oil at me again."

* * *

"First you smash 'em against this pan. Right? Okay, then you empty them into the pan. Still with me? Good. So then you scramble them up - sometimes you beat 'em first, but I'll leave that up to you. And then you finish 'em off by eating 'em. I like mine with a bit of salt."


Greg said...

This is an interesting prompt, I hope we see a little more of it! And I'm glad Blogger's back up and running too; I thought they did a good job of keeping us informed about the problems on their twitter stream.
I like your third one best, and based on your first one, you're never allowed to cook fish for me!

In the kitchen
"Batter it!"


"Pour the boiling milk on now, you want to scald them."


"It doesn't matter that there's big lumps still in there now, we're going to blend until it's smooth."


"You'll know it's the right temperature if it's gone brown and sticks to your skin when you touch it."

Heather said...

After your personal notification that Blogger was working again, I thought I had better show up. Unfortunately, I'm out of state so don't have much time to respond.


"Do you want a breast or a thigh?"


"Whip until stiff."


"That's hot!"

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I was just a bit annoyed that the page they referred me to when I tried to log in was extremely uninformative. I had to go looking for better info - which was available elsewhere, thankfully.

I think I like your second best, but the third appeals to me as well :)

Heather - my answer to your first one will always and forever be: both :)

Thanks for making the time to stop in!