Saturday May 14th, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: dancing.

The Canucks are back in action tomorrow night, but this evening the other two teams in the NHL's final four took to the ice. Tampa Bay took game one over Boston rather convincingly, which made me happy. I'd love a Vancouver vs Tampa final.

Spent some time working on the yard today before heading out to the garden to do more planting. We're finally feeling like we're basically on top of things again.


What is he doing?
Is that the Monster Mash?
That's not it at all -
He's just got a bad rash.


Greg said...

Any particular reason for wanting a Tampa Bay vs Vancouver final? I don't know enough about the teams (or possibly geography) to know why that might be appealing.
Heh, great little poem today; you do a really good job of putting a fully-formed idea into a very small space.

Step, step, side and turn,
Feel your legs ache and burn,
The dancing teacher will not cease,
Ignoring all your heartfelt pleas!

Gabe said...

It hits. Energy fills my body.
With each musical note I know what is inevitable.
Tap tap tap, my foot beats away with the tempo.
Rhythm takes over as it becomes time to dance.

Aholiab said...

Poetry? Prose? At least it's four lines...


Getting a raise is a two-step process
But it takes two to tango
I waltz in to see my boss
He quick-steps past the request

Marc said...

Greg - I'm not a big fan of the Boston team, and there are a couple of players I really like on Tampa Bay. But really, I'd be happy with either of them being Vancouver's opponent in the finals :D

I don't think I'd want your dancing teacher!

Gabe - ah, I know that feeling well.

Aholiab - I vote for poetry :)

Either way, I like where you went with the prompt. I think the metaphor worked very nicely :)

The Caffeinated Mystic (Deb) said...

I will dance before you my king
and I will lay myself down at your feet
there are no words to say what you are to me
so I will dance

Marc said...

Mystic (Deb, if I may?) - I'm always happy to find you making the effort to do the four line poems, as I do enjoy yours so much :)

You conveyed a complex story in just four lines - I'm wanting more, but satisfied with what I've been given. Very nicely done.