Sunday May 29th, 2011

The exercise:

Let's go with: the wreck.

Today we planted more corn and potatoes, and got some more pepper plants into the garden as well. We're getting rather close to filling up the entire garden, which will be nice. Then we can just concentrate on weeding and harvesting.

Tomorrow is a day off. Not sure what we'll be getting up to yet, but I'm sure it'll be good.

Feel free to continue mine - I'm afraid I ran out of inspiration.


They woke to find an unfamiliar car parked in their front yard, steam still rising from beneath its hood. The man went out to see if anyone was inside while the woman called the police.

The man couldn't understand how the driver had managed to get the vehicle on to the lawn. The back left tire was missing, both front tires were flat, and, as best he could tell, there was no steering wheel. He pulled open the door and looked inside, hoping to find someone who could explain but found no one.

His wife watched from the safety of their living room, worrying at her bottom lip with her teeth. The operator had told her to stay on the line but she had hung up without really hearing the instructions. She watched as her husband popped the trunk and went around to look inside.

When she saw him climb into the trunk she couldn't stop herself from going outside in her night gown to yell at his foolishness.

By the time the police arrived ten minutes later, they found no sign of the car or the couple who had reported it.


Greg said...

Will we get a picture of the garden when it's all full up then? It sounds like you're doing very well! I hope you enjoy your day off tomorrow too :)
That's an intriguing wreck you have there, it makes me think of 'Back to the Future' a little. I am most puzzled as to the relevance of the trunk!

The wreck
When Captain Althrust landed on Mars and stepped out of the capsule, it was with the thrill of knowing that he was the first human being ever to set foot there. He looked around at the reddish landscape, up at the crimson sky with its unfamiliar constellations, and thought for a moment that this was probably the first time any living being had set foot on Mars.
So his moment was rather spoiled by Tim Johnson, stepping out behind him, saying "What's that Captain?"
They walked over to find out.
Just behind a nearby hill was the wreckage of a landing craft of some kind. Broken solar panels were scattered around it, and a tattered sail draped over it in places, and it was definitely not human design, nor even the right size.
"It's a satellite," said the Captain grumpily, knowing full well it wasn't.
The footprints, with eight toes, leading away from it assured him of that.

Heather said...

Mark- Not sure where to go with it either. Hopefully, time travel/ aliens/ kidnapping agrees with your couple.

On another note, I would never have guessed your hair was curly. My son despises his curls, but he'll love them in high school when the girls can't keep their hands out of them.

Greg- Poor Captain Althrust. I can totally sympathize with him.

It's Memorial Day here in America. The first one in many years I can remember that it didn't rain. I would have preferred the rain. 89F and humid (nearly 32C) is not good picnicking weather.

And I guess my submission is too long. Oops!
Language Is A Virus

Marc said...

Greg - ah yes, a picture of the garden. Remind me again if I forget.

Great little scene. Will you be continuing it?

Heather - he might need some reminding of that when the time comes. I was never convinced, so I hid them under a hat all the way through :P

I shall be over shortly to read yours :)

Greg said...

I'll probably continue it, you know I don't have the imagine to produce new characters every day :)

But it'll probably be as sporadic as all the rest, so feel free to steal it for yourself!