Monday May 9th, 2011

The exercise:

Today we write about: going online.

The Canucks won tonight, so they're officially on to the third round for the first time since 1994. They'll be facing either San Jose or Detroit - the Sharks are up 3-2 and I'll be pulling for them to knock off the Wings.

Though I wouldn't mind them taking seven games to do it.


So I've been talking about setting up a farm blog for quite some time now. I could look up the first mention of it on this blog, but I'm choosing not to. It was that long ago.

Anyway. I had a Blogger site mostly put together a few months ago but I was still struggling to find a layout that I was happy with. And then local interest began picking up for us to have some sort of weekly pickup system and suddenly that site just wasn't going to be enough.

Shortly after that, I noticed Google's promotion Get Your Business Online. Free domain name for a year, a significant discount on a year's worth of hosting (the free hosting deal was a bit crap, to be honest). The timing couldn't have been much better.

After a brief discussion with Kat, I signed us up and began transferring over the content I'd created on the Blogger site. Since then I've been fiddling and polishing and nitpicking and obsessing over details. But enough of that already.

Welcome to the online home of Prana Farm.


Greg said...

Woohoo! You finally got the farm blog up! I'm very impressed with the new website, it's got a very professional feel to it, all the links work (I checked :-P) and I'm definitely going to be placing an order for delivery as soon as you'll deliver to the UK....
The recipes page is a fantastic idea too, will you be updating it according to what's in season?

Going online
A regular beep, mimicking a heart-beat,
Telling me that I'm going online.
A muttered prayer,
That you'll be there,
Assisting me this time.

Machinery's machinations,
Stealing the soul from mankind,
Squeezing us tighter;
But we're freedom fighters,
Resisting them all this time.

Aholiab said...

Going Online

"Did you get it plugged in?"

"Yes, but it blew a fuse when I turned it on. I think we can only leave one light on."

"One's plenty. I can see in the dark!"

"Let's just hope no one else can."

"You always worry too much."

"And you never worry enough. Is my makeup perfect?"

"You've never worn makeup in your life, don't start now. Put on your mask and no one will know the difference."

"Can you hear me now?"

"Cut the comedy. You're a little muffled, but that's probably a good thing."

"Cn you shee th whats v mu eys?"

"Knock it off! I said you were a little muffled, not unintelligible. And no, your eyes are in enough shadow that I can't see the whites."

"I'm scared."

"You'll do fine. Ok, I've got a signal and I can see you in the cam. Open the window just enough so that I can see it behind you. Go!"

"This is Simone, live near Daraa, Syria. Behind me you can see tanks rolling into our village..."

Gabe said...

I came back from sleep mode at about 8:00 this morning feeling sick. Rough night - lots of downloading. I knew I shouldn't have but it's been a stressful week here at the control panel and I needed some indulgence. I had loaded up my usual buffet of online fun into a few windows and was quickly on my way to some browsing and games. After feeling a little lonely though I ventured for someone online to reach out to. She was so beautiful on the outside, but behind her window I saw the never ending pop-ups. After that I am not sure that I'll be going online again anytime soon. I'm kind of worried I might have gotten something...Best stick to my local network. I'll have to give Norton a call.

morganna said...

Just a fun little acrostic -- I'm intrigued by the form but uncertain of how to make it work.

Often pointless,
Not always,
Let's check out the
Net and today's

Marc said...

Greg - Thanks! Yeah, that's the plan for the recipes page. We should have another one up shortly - our rhubarb plants are producing nicely :)

Lovely rhythm. I could read that over and over.

Aholiab - great bit of dialogue. I'm intrigued by these two characters. Will we be seeing more of them?

Gabe - haha, nicely done. Lots of great lines in there :)

Welcome to the blog! I hope to see more of your writing here.

Morganna - that pretty much sums up my thoughts on the internet. And in acrostic form to boot! Nicely done :)

Heather said...

Congrats on the website Marc. I stopped by yesterday. Love the pictures! It was near lunch time so I didn't play too long---- it was making me too hungry.

Marc said...

Heather - thanks :D