Tuesday May 10th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: the athlete.

With Detroit winning again tonight, the Canucks will have to wait until Thursday to find out who they'll be playing next. Either way, I suspect it will be a very tough series.


He trained for four years
for this Olympic moment.
Come on, no pressure.

*     *     *

They pay him millions,
millions watch his every move...
what are we doing?


Greg said...

Well, it seems good that when the Canucks are winning it's when they have decent opposition -- it makes their success all the better!
I like your first haiku better today, though the repetition of "millions" in the second one is very appealing.

The Athlete
Taller than us all,
Stronger, faster, most handsome:
He has robot legs.


Mice pole-vault our cat,
Who is no athlete, unfit
even for his job.

Watermark said...

@Marc: I like your second one!

@Greg: Your second haiku brought to mind the neighbour's cat once upon a time ago who looked and walked like 'Garfield'! I think mice would have easily pole-vaulted him :)

Here's mine:

The Athlete

The athlete stretches -
he mentally prepares for
his winning showdown.


Quizzes and puzzles,
like exercise to the mind -
this athlete’s pastime.

morganna said...

He runs, jumps,
Falls. Good thing losers keep their
Lives and hearts.

She runs fast
As she can -- not fast enough.
Fourth again.

Gabe said...

Always have to win,
Number two will never do
But I guess three will.

He trains non-stop to
Perhaps please the father he
Looks up to so much.

Marc said...

Greg - can't stop laughing at the image created by your second haiku :)

Watermark - love the rhythm of your second one. And the content too :)

Morganna - I can relate to that second haiku. Sometimes it feels like your best just isn't good enough. Nicely captured.

Gabe - I enjoyed both of yours. I seem to be unable to pick a favorite... but maybe the first one manages to take it with that final line. Either way, nicely done :)