Wednesday May 11th, 2011

The exercise:

Today we write about: the lie.

We've been watching Better Off Ted on Netflix and the last episode we watched tonight dealt with the (bizarre and often hilarious) repercussions of a well-intended lie. And so here we are.

The wind was howling for most of the day here, but it was still quite warm. Nothing like the near 30 degree afternoon we had yesterday, but comfortable. Other than the wind, obviously.


It was such a simple lie -
I complimented your tie.
Now you wear it every day...
My headache won't go away.

But I have a cunning plan!
I shall institute a ban
On all awful fashion flukes
That make employees puke.


Greg said...

Thirty degrees! I'm delighted to say that the UK's not getting much closer to that than twenty for now, and that's plenty warm enough for me! Even the wind sounds quite nice now :)
The first verse of your poem made me smile, the second broadened that smile. The rhythm and scansion are really good too; it's quite jaunty and is a nice counterpoint to the narrator's lament.

The lie
I found out yesterday that my dog has a kind of phantom pregnancy; her body doesn't believe she's pregnant, but she's producing milk anyway. It turns out that in wolf packs only the alpha male and female will mate and have pups when food's scarce, but all the other females will have this kind of phantom pregnancy so that they can all produce milk and help raise the pups.
So my dog is being a good auntie, but the only thing that's missing is the pup; she doesn't even know any dogs that have puppies at the moment.
People lying to people can have many unintended consequences, but when your body lies to you... what then do you do?

morganna said...

Such easy words to say
Untruths spill from his mouth like water
Once said, they cannot be unsaid.

Giggles said...

lol very good! That's why I never compliment unless I mean it!

Marc said...

Hurray, the disappearing comments have returned at last!

Greg - that is a rather bizarre situation. Time to farm her out for her milk!

Morganna - very nicely captured.

Giggles - haha, glad you liked it :)