Tuesday May 31st, 2011

The exercise:

Welcome to the final day of May (already?). Give me two haiku about: the surgeon.

Planted more beets and carrots today, as well as our selection of pumpkins and ornamental gourds. Then we worked around the yard this afternoon, mostly in the rain. I'm ready for the sun the forecast is calling for, and I suspect the plants are as well.

Game one of the Stanley Cup Finals is tomorrow night in Vancouver. At last.


Scalpel held steady,
patient safely in dreamland...
it's time for some fun!

*     *     *

Don't give me that look.
I just need one little drink
to steady my nerves.


Greg said...

How do you decide what vegetables to plant in the garden then? I guess there is a large part of 'what will grow', and then there must be some of 'what will sell', but is there anything else involved?
What you're planting certainly sounds delicious though!
I like the first haiku best, and the second one made me think of a pilot first!

The surgeon
He intimately
Knows all the human body
But cannot make friends

Doctor Frankenstein
Can now bring you back to life,
With another's head!

morganna said...

The second one is based on a true story.

Many years in school
Years more of understudy
At last, I'm in charge!

Three martini lunch
Odd foot infection up next
What the hell is that?

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, that's pretty much it. We're limited to what we can grow, and we're taking lessons from last year of what sold well. We try to either eliminate or limit the stuff that didn't sell well, and maximize the stuff that customers seemed to want.

Plus the stuff we can charge more for gets precedence.

Really like your first one - I think it captures the surgeon quite nicely.

Morganna - your first one made me smile, while the second... yeah, that would be a tough thing to come back to after a drinking lunch.

Is that something that was in the paper recently that I missed?

morganna said...

No, it happened to my mom when I was little -- so little she took me & my brother in the exam room with her, so I was there. The last line is what the doctor actually said out loud.

Marc said...

Morganna - haha, I could see why that would leave a strong enough impression on you to still be remembered :D