Saturday May 21st, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: the puppy.

We had a better than expected market this morning, which was certainly nice. But even without that it felt great being behind the table again and seeing a lot of familiar faces.

Plus there was a girl in our area trying to sell the cutest puppy ever. I didn't ask how much it would cost because that would have lead to us bringing it home and we're not quite ready for that yet.

Anyway, I've been up since 5:30 this morning, so...


This little creature,
I cannot deny,
Controls my actions
With his puppy eyes.


Greg said...

Well done with the market! The puppy sounds lovely, but they can be very expensive if they're pure-bred. Ours cost GBP500 because she was already a year old, and could easily have fetched twice that when she was younger.
You did remind me that I'd once written something about that kind of door-to-door sales... here, if you fancy it.

The puppy
He's sixteen but he tries so hard,
He mouth-breathes, like a guppy.
It's his third day on the job,
And the guys all call him 'Puppy'.

Aholiab said...

Enormous paws, tiny tail
Violet eyes, blue-green nails
Dalmatian spots, spiked hair wild
Adoring Dad, artist child

Paul said...

The puppy lollops
Fur with eyes
Fur with collops
Fur with sighs

Okay, the only other rhyme was scallops :)

Just found your blog - interesting!

Zhongming said...

The puppy

Originally he does not exist,
For love seed planted he now exist,
Without feeling there is no soul,
Neither is there nature and self.

Watermark said...

Marc: I agree :) puppies tend to have the upper hand! I say this despite being a cat person (not a dog person alas)

Greg: good one, although feel quite sorry for him. I'm sure any 16 year old would hate being called puppy on the job!

Aholiab: love it! I just had to say "aww" :)

Paul: love the flow of this!

Zhongming: nice one and made me think :)

Here's mine:

The Puppy

I made a new friend today, and all that we did was play,
with a wag from his tail, and a cute little wail,
I knew that he was here to stay,
and already he's having his way.

Marc said...

Greg - I fancied it indeed. Cruel but satisfying at the same time.

Poor kid :(

Aholiab - excellent!

Paul - yeah, scallops would have been a tough one to pull off :)

Glad you found us here, and thanks for sharing!

Zhongming - hey, great to see you here again! I hope you've been well.

I've missed your philosophical takes on the prompts. I hope you'll be sticking around for a while?

Watermark - haha, I think you captured the sentiment perfectly.