Friday June 17th, 2011

The exercise:

Four lines of prose about: the net.

This morning we managed to get all the cherry trees netted, in order to keep the fruit safe from the very hungry birds. Now that the cherries and strawberries are safely behind nets... I wonder what they'll turn to next.

Hopefully not us.


Her smile is wider than the sea and as bright as the sun as she comes running toward me, net in hand. The words tumble out of her mouth and gather at my feet, piling higher by the second. Reluctantly I break the spell before I am buried beneath her excited mountain.

"Honey, the butterfly you caught is dead."


Greg said...

Hopefully they'll pick off wasps and biting flies for you if you're keeping them away from the fruit! Or they'll learn how to unpick nets, perhaps....
Wow, that's a lot of imagery today! I had to read it twice to appreciate it properly, the images just pile up like her excited words :)

The net
"Don't call me that."
"Phlebby, look what's caught in the net!"
"A mer-- actually, I don't care, boil it with the frogs."

motherinToronto said...

The Net

The intricately patterned net curtains act as a veil to the world. She shyly watches out the worn wooden window of the bare wooden house. The little girl has dark velvety skin and tightly curly kinky hair. Her eyes are so dark they are like bottomless pools filled with playful daydreams.

She watches out the window everyday as street hawkers call out their wares. She imagines they're magpies. Homeless children scurry by as nervous as mice. The proud strut by, reminding her of gazelles. While their predators stalk them like cackles of hyena's. Tall strong beautiful women are like giraffes. And the African Savanna is passing her veiled window.

Marc said...

Greg - if they developed a taste for mosquitoes I'd be the happiest person alive.

Thanks for the comments on mine. I blame my current read, The Book Thief.

Mmm, boiled mermaid. With frogs!

Mother in T.O. - fantastic descriptions. I liked your second paragraph in particular.

Miss B said...

The net caught it a big fish.
"Ahh, dude that fish is only $23"
"Oh" Said the guy

Miss B said...

My one is sort of odd but I wasn't thinking straight.