Friday June 24th, 2011

The exercise:

On this 1,111th day in a row of Daily Writing Practice, give me four lines of prose that have something to do with: one.

My fingers were numb again tonight, but for a very different reason: we harvested our strawberries for tomorrow's market in a windy downpour. I could barely feel the berries by the time we finished. Thankfully a warm shower solved that issue.


I stood in the doorway and surveyed the damage. The glass coffee table had been shattered, forks had been used to carve nursery rhymes on the wall, and all of my bowling trophies had been hammered flat. A sigh and a shake of my head were the only responses I could muster.

The one time I forget to give the kids their medication...


Anonymous said...

Hey, You published your post at 11:11 PM, was it intentional ?

Here's Mine :

It's been three months since the accident.The doctors say it will take time, persistence and will power to start a new life from here.I see my three year old kid smile in her mama's lap.This one moment, makes me want to live with my family for eternity.

Greg said...

@Shadowwaterman: That's quite a counterpoint to Marc's piece!

@Marc: sounds like the weather's a little changeable at the moment then! We're getting a lot of showers here at the moment, though Sunday's supposed to be sunny and hot, 30C no less!
I love the forks being used to carve nursery rhymes in the wall. At least it's a literary effort!

Ask people to show that all odd numbers are prime, and you get slightly different answers.
Mathematician: "Three is prime, five is prime, seven is prime -- apply the principle of mathematical induction and you're done."
Physicist: "Three is prime, five is prime, seven is prime, nine is... experimental error, eleven is prime...."
Computer scientist: "One is prime, one is prime, one is prime, one is prime...."

Aaron said...

Once upon a time there was only one being in the whole universe. After eons and eons of cosmic solitaire, it decided it had had enough. I love myself, it thought, but there is only one thing I haven’t done. It exploded and split into infinite particles.

Burndtree said...

"One day, one of us will...just get we can be Numero Uno, instead of Numero Oh'No. Now, I'm not pointing fingers." I am, I realize, actually pointing one finger at him, and stop myself.

A question as usual creasing the other one's brow, he stares back from the bathroom mirror.

...Was inspired by your line about the kiddies off their medication, Marc.

Another of those out-of-nowhere downpours hit Vancouver before noon. I expect its remnant is inching into the Okanagan even now.

Marc said...

Shadowwaterman - good eye! I hadn't planned it, but I noticed the time approaching while I was writing and thought, 'Hey, why not? I wonder if anyone will notice...' :)

That sounds like all the motivation anyone could need. Nicely crafted.

Greg - true. I suspect you would have appreciated it even more if it had been a recipe :P

I liked that nine was an 'experimental error' :D

Aaron - 'cosmic solitaire'. That's great :)

Burndtree - hey there! I liked the reveal in your final line, as well as 'Numero Oh'No' :)

We did get a sprinkle of a shower this afternoon, but tomorrow is meant to be cloud free. Hopefully the weatherpeople are right for a change.

Anonymous said...

Just one.
One mistake.
One more regret.
One lifetime of pain.
After just one day.

Miss B said...

One, Two, I hate three so back to one.

This is wierd but I think it's funny.