Saturday June 25th, 2011

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: inconvenience.

Penticton had a special event going on this morning, so the market was moved up a block for one week only. It's a narrower block than the one we're usually on, which meant we had to unload the truck and then park it elsewhere.

Which meant getting to our spot in the morning, getting out after unloading, getting back to our spot after closing, and then getting out again. Not one of those four trips was even remotely easy.

But! It was nice having other stalls all around us, as we're usually at one end of the market and feel a little apart from things. It felt more like a community today.


I'd rather you hadn't said that,
I'd rather you weren't on bended knee.
I'm wishing you wouldn't stay here,
I'm wishing you could just stop loving me.


Greg said...

Do you have any say over where your stall is in the normal market, or are they all assigned-pitches by the Ringmaster? It does sound like it would be much nicer to be in the middle of the market rather than at one end :)
Heh, your poem brings back memories today of someone who traveled half-way round the world when I turned them down. That was unexpected :)

"Cross the road and ford the river,
Dodge the snakes and climb the fence,"
I want the toilet and yet you deliver
A public inconvenience!

Marc said...

Greg - not really, though the longer you're there the more say you get in things. At the moment we're looking into whether or not anyone would be interested in trading spots with us.

But at least we have a spot. The 'casual' vendors (as opposed to the official members of the market) get moved around between the casual spots as needed. That was us in our first summer.

If the force of your rejection sends people halfway 'round the world, I shall have to make sure never to ask anything of you :P

That sounds like some toilet! I'd hate to get there only to discover it's out of toilet paper...

Miss B said...

This message has been deleted sorry for the inconvenience.

This is not a real message.