Saturday June 4th, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: the decoy.

Another good morning at the market - the sun was shining, people were out in droves, and our stuff was moving off the tables at a pretty steady rate.

And then tonight? Vancouver with a goal 11 seconds into overtime for the win and the 2-0 series lead. Man oh man.


I bust down the door,
Guns blazing, oh boy!
That's when I realize:
I'm just the decoy.


Greg said...

I realise you might never have been in this situation, but what do you do with stuff that doesn't sell? Given it's all fresh, it doesn't seem like you'd be able to keep it for the next weekend.
The Canucks need to win four games to win overall? That's a damn good lead they're starting off with :)

The decoy
This is Major Tom to Ground Control,
I think we're victims of a ploy!
This moon is plastic, and not even whole,
It's just a wretched decoy!

Aaron said...

4 lines can be tough. But this is supposed to capture my feelings on pop culture and its apathathetic fans.

The Decoy
The real problem I am having
With the constant media blabbing
Is my mom and dad’s distraction
And their inevitable inaction.

motherinToronto said...

My decoy is a strawman
argument that avoids issues.
Quite large and imposing
But fails to do the job.

Naoshad said...

The Decoy

Many options with few choices
Many opinions yet few ideas
A vote is a grain of sand in the vast desert.
-- Democracy.

Marc said...

Greg - well, I can give you an example from yesterday. We brought a lot of red and green lettuce with us and hardly sold any of it. So we dropped some off with a friend of Kat's, then gave a few bags to her parents, and kept the rest for ourselves.

Later in the year the food bank comes around at the end of the market for donations and we also try to preserve as much as we can. Invariably some goes to waste though.

I'd be ticked if I went all that way for a plastic moon.

Aaron - capturing that in just four lines is definitely a challenge, but I think you did very well with it.

Mother in Toronto - clever take on the prompt!

Naoshad - welcome to the blog, and thank you for sharing your writing with us :)

Very nicely expressed, and I really liked the effect of having the final line be only one word.