Tuesday June 14th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: mistakes.

Because I totally forgot it's Tuesday today and wrote up a non-haiku post. So I've saved it for another day and now we're back on track!


Anyway. Quiet day today. We mostly weeded and thinned carrots and beets, which we have a lot of. I did my best not to think about tomorrow night's game, but was largely unsuccessful.


It's hard to do right
when those damned days of the week
keep trading places.

*     *     *

I'd rather screw up
than be perfect - dead machines
can't have human fun.


Greg said...

Heh, it is your blog you know, you can have a week without two-haiku Tuesday, or a week with two-haiku Thursday instead. I mean, we'll all complain and write nasty things about you in the comments as acrostics, but will you care?
I like your first haiku best, I think because the sentiment behind it comes across so clearly.

It's not a mistake
If I did it on purpose.
I don't need that hand.


Summer winds blow soft,
The wise man knows that mistakes
Are chances to learn.

David said...

@Marc. Go Canucks - funny that my two favorite teams to play in Sega hockey in 93-94 were Boston and Vancouver. The way this has played out, strangest series I have ever seen - in sports, not jusr hockey.

I agree with Greg, I really like your first. Very clear and very true point.

@Greg the two of yours together cracked me up. One devious, one solid fortune cookie wisdom. They work better together for me then separately.

Slow dancing at night
Passion found in soft caress
Wait, you're not my wife

Rush from the bank vault
Our car missing from the curb
Thirty years to life

morganna said...

It's not a haiku, but it was what I had.

I'm pretending to
Draw on your desk, Mommy.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm finally learning the art of writing haikus!

All of us hve had
our fair share of mistakes -
some more than others.
* * *
Why, oh why, did I
let me bet on conidtions
that could not be met?

Anonymous said...

have* conditions*

motherinToronto said...


Courage whispered
glass pool of blood
Glass meets storm


My borg baby,
in his incubator.
Still waiting.

I tried to fit two stories into haiku. Not sure how well that turned out.

Shawnee said...

Great haikus!

Time to leave
the husband's waiting
Sweet potato chowder in the works

Aaron said...

Great haiku's everyone. Seems this would be the perfect prompt to not worry about the syllable count in each haiku line.

Often we will weep
Loudly we will laugh as well
About the times we fail

Regret your sorrows
Drown fear in many worries
And lose precious time

Marc said...

Greg - I can... but I'd rather do it on purpose :P

Two excellent, very different haiku. I'm leaning towards the first as my favorite, as I'm need of a smile at the moment.

David - your first one almost made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that :)

Morganna - that works better than it would in haiku form :)

Anon - I like your first one best, as it really resonates with me. Especially at the moment.

Mother in T.O. - I think the two work better together than on their own, as the first one is a bit abstract by itself.

Not that that's a bad thing!

Shawnee - something tells me that chowder might not come out right since it's been interrupted...

Aaron - I friggin' love that 'fail' is your extra syllable in the first one :D

I was tempted to forget the count for once as well at one point, but then I caved and added an extra word (I think it was 'damned' in my first one).