Tuesday June 21st, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: the soldier.

We had a lovely summer day here - even now it feels as though its hardly cooled off.


His only defense:
I only followed orders.
Would I do the same?

*     *     *

The smartest soldier
knows to not answer the phone
when duty does call.


Greg said...

We're having a traditional British summer here, which we've not had for a few years, where it keep raining and cooling things down. It's really nice actually!
Heh, your first haiku immediately made me think of the Milgram Experiments! It's a good question, and one most people get wrong :) For that reason, I think that's my favourite today.

The soldier
Decapitate it,
Then the soldier will prepare
To be dunked in egg.


"Serry them in ranks!"
The General wants to see
The soldiers line up.

morganna said...

A lot of local National Guard troops from this area are deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan -- these are based on a couple scenes from around town lately.
Back home for a bit
Still in uniform, waiting
At the post office.

In Iraq, ready
For home, where a new baby
Will soon have arrived.

Aaron said...

I love haikus!
Marc 1st because it got me thinking.
Greg 1st because even though I don't get it I really like it.
Morgana 1st because the enjambment of waiting in the second is well done and awesome

The Soldier

Wash clean this man’s mind
We have new programming here
Where there is order

Death grips choke out life
Like how soldiers hold a gun
Squeezing so slowly

motherinToronto said...

The Soldier

Drums beat space,
Green under blue roars.
The soldier quivers
in the wind.

A kid with a gun,
trained to kill.
Old enough to die,
but not to drink.

Marc said...

Greg - it's a good thing I heard of eggs and soldiers while I was visiting relatives in Bristol or your first one would have gone right over my head!

Morganna - great image in your first one, and your second one just tugs at my heart.

Aaron - really dig your first one. Very Clockwork Orange :)

Mother in T.O. - 'Old enough to die, but not to drink'... yeah, I'll never understand that one.