Saturday June 11th, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem that has something to do with: early.

We had a pretty decent market this morning, despite a rather slow start and a bit of rain. But thankfully once the sun came out, so did the customers.

While we were eating breakfast this morning a raccoon wandered into our yard. I'm glad Kat was there too or else I would have assumed I was dreaming. I haven't quite adjusted to being awake at 5:30 in the morning yet.

Now I'm pretty much asleep on my feet, so let's get on with it.


The alarm pokes me awake,
Or at least it tries.
It's early morning deafness,
Though it is unwise.


Greg said...

So... we were supposed to come up with our own fifth lines for yesterday's prompt then? I didn't realise that... but I think it had good effects :)
I wonder how long it'll be before you're reporting a bear wandering into your yard? I'll start thinking of a name for it right away!
Heh, I'm quite happy for the alarm to wake it, it's the dog who's annoying....

Persephone was feeling bored
As Pluto had a chill in his ear,
So she came home to Demeter early,
And spring started in January that year.

Watermark said...

Marc: my alarm clock sometimes has that effect on me :)

Greg: would love it for spring to start in January :)

Here's mine:


She said she would be home early,
despite that call from the past,
now her tardiness seems to me, barely
keeping my patience from trying to last.

motherinToronto said...

Marc: for some inexplicit reason my husband set the alarm today. Alarm clocks are evil.

Greg: love the Persephone story, I would like her to bring Spring early one year.

Watermark: you made early late. :)


Two little girls skipping along the Thames.
Dock workers curse every other word in a pub.
Rotten wood protudes from the dark murky water.
Ancient, old and young intersect early evening.

Anonymous said...

Anon has returned :)

Marc- Oddly enough, I rarely ever get that feeling. I suppose I'm lucky that way! Either way love your poem.

Oh and Greg - I loved yours too (probably because I'm a big fan of greek mythology!).

Anywho, here's mine:
They all saw it coming,
But were surprised it took me so long.
So I told them that I'm early, not late,
For in the future he too will fall.

Marc said...

Greg - oh, I didn't realize you'd honestly been confused by the prompt. I suppose that makes it my bad then. At least the results were entertaining!

I also wouldn't be opposed to a January start to spring :)

Watermark - very clever take on the prompt. Nicely done!

Mother in T.O. - if my alarm had gone off this morning, it would not have survived the experience.

Love the scene you've painted in your poem.

Anon - welcome back :)

I enjoyed the twists and turns of your poem, and that is an intriguing final line.

David said...

. . . and I'm back

The sun rises
The bread rises
The flag rises
I roll over

One for late

Late again
light's on
Hi, Mom

Marc said...

David - hurray! :)

Love the succinctness of the second one, and the first... well, that could be me most days.