Tuesday June 28th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: the manager.

We started pruning and tying tomato plants today. I can smell nothing but tomatoes right now.


He jumps out of bed
each morning and spends all day
managing his time.

*     *     *

If you know how to
do this, then you can just do
it all for yourself!


Greg said...

I quite like the smell of tomatoes growing, but it's probably not something I'd want to spend too long with. You have my sympathies :)
Heh, is your first haiku a memory of your days working in an office? I think I like that one best today.

The Manager
He says he's coping,
Managing just fine, in fact.
He sure cries a lot.


His management style
Has just been written about:
Describ'd as war crimes.

morganna said...

Why didn't you tell
Me your co-worker threatened
Your life? I'm in charge!

If you don't follow
The rules, you're fired! What are they?
I'll tell you later.

Aaron said...

Decided to boss
If it hurts you to bow down
Try and do my job

My lonely office
Holds the seat of my power
And box of tissues

Marc said...

Greg - like your first one best, due to the impact of the final line.

Morganna - your second one reminds me of more than a few bosses I've had to work for :P

Aaron - I like how your second one ties in nicely with Greg's first one :)