Friday July 29th, 2011

The exercise:

Four lines of prose about: teamwork.

It was good to have Kat out there with me today for the market harvest. It's a long weekend here and the forecast is calling for nothing but sunshine, so hopefully it'll be a good day tomorrow.

Well, of course it will be. My parents will be there.


It was a simple matter to get over the wall. Just a matter of a bit of teamwork, that was all. I simply killed the rest of the team off one by one, then piled them at the base of the wall.

I mean, I had to jump a little to reach the top of the wall, but otherwise the rest of the team did a truly admirable job of getting me over and out.


Greg said...

So are your parents coming to the market with you, or are you all meeting up after you've sold off today's harvest? Enjoy your long weekend!
I think that team worked very well indeed! Such a shame they only got the opportunity to do it once though!

Charles Asciugimento, Head of Building Security, looked down at the training yard from his window just above it. He rather liked this particular exercise, as it required precision teamwork. The shoplifter jinked left, slipping through a gap left by a security guard and took the opportunity to pause and free a machete from his coat. As the guards around him fell back, with looks of horror on their faces, Charles pressed the button to release the Rottweilers.

Marc said...

Greg - they came to see us at the market and then followed us back here. They're staying until Tuesday morning, so it'll be nice to have them around.

Ah, Charles and his many little pleasures in life.

Denin said...

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, but the chain is crafted in solid diamond. But that was before, and the present is the only time for concern. Someone has replaced the diamonds with straw. As the chain prepares to bind its charge, I brace myself for the failure and torrent.

Marc said...

Denin - hmm, intriguing. Who has made the switch, I wonder...

Ruby said...


As we make the raft I think it was the first time we worked together in our whole camp. I was amazed how well we worked as a team. But I don't think they noticed. 