Saturday July 9th, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: the buzz.

We had a better than expected market this morning, selling out of most everything we brought. There was no fruit, so things were a lot quieter than last week, but it was still good.


There is a mosquito
Buzz, buzz, buzzing in my ear;
How can something so small
Be the source of so much fear?


Greg said...

Sounds like the market is getting better and better for you! Are you still supplying local restaurants too?
Heh, I've always thought mosquitoes make more of a whine than a buzz, but I quite agree -- it can be a terrifying noise in a dark room when you're not expecting it!

The buzz
In this nightmare place of glass and steel,
We shuffle in lines that snake everywhere,
Getting ever closer to the chamber,
And the buzz of the electric chair.

Andrew said...

Oh, I agree Marc! I hate mosquitoes! I always manage to catch them just as they're biting me, so they die but I still get itchy! :(

The Buzz
I find myself always running,
From all the gossip because,
It's victims are always outrunning,
I don't want to be the next "buzz."

springit said...

The buzz all over town
Is of you and your new girl
When I picture you together
It makes me wanna hurl.


Denin said...

The city at night.
The dancers on the sidewalks.
The traffic on the streets.
The melancholy of the world ignored.

Marc said...

Greg - I'm actually going to get in touch with our restaurant this week to see if they need anything. Up to now, the locals have been gobbling up all our extra veggies.

Your poem has a lovely rhythm,though its contents be dark.

Andrew - if there's anything worse than a mosquito buzz, that would be it. Very nicely done.

Springit - hey, good to see you again!

Haha, bonus points for choosing to rhyme girl with hurl :D

Denin - mmm, haunting.