Tuesday July 26th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: the anchorman.

Much more pleasant weather today, thankfully. Had a chance to chat with my parents and I'm really looking forward to their visit this weekend as they head for home after a lengthy road trip.


What a lovely bay -
look at all the fish! Better
throw James overboard.

*     *     *

He shares the day's news -
wars, bankruptcies, suicides -
with a perfect smile.


Greg said...

Glad the weather's better; much as I love raspberries it would a shame if other crops didn't fruit as well!
I like your first haiku better, as I think you may have guessed, but the second one is definitely made by it's final line.

The anchorman
Like a neck's millstone
Intending to drag you down
The anchorman waits


Fix'd in position
The anchorman holds the line
He's cheaper than sand.

Andrew said...

I dunno, I prefer your second one, Marc, and your second one as well Greg.

The Teleprompter,
It tells the anchor what to
Say, smiling cheaply.

The anchor leaves the
Studio, bogged down by the
Sad news, starts crying.

Denin said...

Pseudo warrior
Behind his shield, his desk
The shallow hero

Final pool length now,
the fastest always goes last
Soaked in urgency

Marc said...

Greg - the last line of your second haiku wins the day for me this week :)

Andrew - I like the contrasts between your two haiku. Makes the second one even more effective, I think.

Denin - can feel the bitterness in the first one so strongly, great job.