Saturday July 30th, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: showing off.

Long day. Decent market this morning, not as good as we were expecting. Took both sets of parents to the restaurant we supply in the evening. Pretty much exhausted right now.


Speeding down the street,
Shouting, "Look! No hands, Mommy!"
He's such a bloody show off,
That stupid amputee.


Greg said...

Wow, it sounds like it's been a very busy day for you! Do you get recognized at the restaurant when you go as diners?
Your poem made me smile, so you can't have been quite that exhausted!

Showing off
Julia Child
Was known to be wild,
But her Veal Prince Orloff
Was really just showing-off

[Something else I was reading this morning mentioned Clerihews so I thought I'd give it a try.]

Jackerbie said...

Julia Child! wish i had some of her cooking right now, not that I'm lacking delicious food at the moment. all this restaurant talk is making me hungry again...

Fall in the tropics,
it's a cool 28,
Christmas cards will be
from the beach.

Ruby said...

He is always showing off, we don't know why he always shows off.
One day he wished he didn't show off. He was riding his bike and doing jumps as usual when he saw me out of the corner of his eye shaking my head but it was to late he was crushed by the brick wall -never to ride again. I feel sorry for the next 'show off'.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, the chefs usually send out a free appetizer while we're waiting for our food to arrive. It's kind of fun :)

I suppose you're allowed to combine my prompt with things you read elsewhere. Just this once though!

Jack - reading/talking about food always makes me hungry.

Christmas on the beach is fun (I did it in New Zealand a few years back), but it really isn't the same, I found.

Ruby - ouch. I suppose it would defeat the purpose of showing off to be careful about it, but still...

Miss B said...

Sophie the rich girl from down the street started riding her bike around on our cul-de-sac. Anna opens her window to let some of the extremly loud music out of the extremly small room. Anna started sing to it. " That song is so deafening don't start singing it or you'll make it worse!" Yelled Sophie. Anna turned off the music. " Fine, well you sing a 'good' song". Anna said sarcastically. Sophie started singing a song by Lady Gaga, the only problem was she was a very good singer. Anna slammed the window shut. "Show off" she mutters.

Denin said...

Hands raw and red,
Covered with blood, both inside and out.
The congas are also stained,
with blood, passion, jealousy, and a sinister joy.

Kim said...

I have a brother who is the ultimet showoff. So I made a poem about him:
I'm the best,
I'm way better than the rest,
I'm better than you,
And there nothing you can do.
This is from his point of view

Marc said...

Miss B - haha, I hate it when annoying people are actually good at things :)

Denin - wonderful imagery!

Kim - ah, but that's what brothers are for... poetic inspiration! :P

Miss B said...

Kim-I know your brother and he is the ultimate show off + I LLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEE your poem it's really good!