Tuesday July 5th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: nightmares.

In between working in the garden, we took a trip up to Penticton to run some errands today. We were supposed to drop off our passport renewals at the office there, but only Kat did that... since I managed to forget my photos at home.



Hooves pound on my bed;
it seems these raucous horses
only run at night.

*     *     *

Sleep takes me away;
again I fall until a
screaming dawn landing.


Greg said...

Heh, anyone would think you didn't like having your picture taken, so your unconscious carefully left them behind where they couldn't be seen!
I like both haikus equally this week I think, they're both rather nice takes on the prompt.

This must be a dream,
But I can't wake up from it.
It is a nightmare!


Why did I eat cheese?
Now giant mice are chasing
Me through my nightmare!

Andrew said...

Greg, that would be funny if it were true. And Marc, I really love "I fall until a screaming dawn landing." Nice play with words.

I'm finding myself
Lost in my own dreams, as if
I don't belong here.


Why must I always
Slip from the world of dreams
Straight into nightmares?

morganna said...

Bolt upright in bed
Running away screaming NO
Just another nightmare.

David said...

Nice work everyone

Eyes must stay open
Caffeine pulses through my veins
Can not face the dark

Elevator stops
water fills the tight chamber
bloodied nails scratch walls

Denin said...

Effort overboard
my strain is futile this time
my nightmare is strong.
Dreams of pleasant things
are only seductions to
the terrors to come.

Marc said...

Greg - well, I don't like having my picture taken. But I also dislike wasting a trip like that.

Your second haiku made me smile.

Andrew - thank you :)

Really liked your first one, that's a great final line.

Morganna - I hate waking up like that :(

David - that second one is so vivid, it made me squirm a little.

Denin - really liked your second one. There's just something about the idea of even happy dreams being unpleasant because the nightmares are sure to follow.

Anonymous said...

Dreamt of you again
Of us, of what we could be.
What a scary dream.

Marc said...

Anon - dreams of what could have been... definitely something that can haunt us.

Ruby said...

Scared, terrified and about to cry
But nobody knows why
But i know why...

# # # #

Nightmares, nightmares, nightmares
They are the reason why i am about to cry.