Saturday July 23rd, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: the taxi driver.

Had a pretty reasonable market this morning, and Kat's dad seemed to enjoy himself too. Feeling much less exhausted than last week, but still pretty tired.

Picking up Kat tomorrow afternoon. Can't wait.


He drives as though
His cab can go
Through flesh and steel
Without a squeal


Greg said...

Well done with the market, after what you showed us last week I can imagine it was a lot easier with two of you.
Hmm. I think almost every taxi driver I've ever had from an airport has been the one you've described in your poem....

The taxi driver
"Get in the cab!" he screams,
"Go go go go go!"
"We want to go to--" I start,
But: "I don't want to know!"

Andrew said...

Greg, that last line made me laugh! And I loved your poem too, Marc! I'm really happy, because I will definitely be able to post comments from now on. My parents gave me an iPad for my birthday! So I posted my comments starting from last Thursday for your viewing pleasure, Marc.

We got in the cab,
He squeals into traffic,
He speeds for a second,
Then slows, we're boxed in.

Rylee said...

Yellow and black bees
buzzing through the city
beeping for promotions
such is a cab's life.

Aaron said...

Another ride for another stranger
Another try to not bother my brother
With the details of a new friendship discovered
Only the tips of trips remain here.

Marc said...

Greg - I'm not sure that you've picked the best possible taxi to get into :P

Andrew - excellent news! I will get to replying to your other comments tomorrow :)

It always confuses the hell out of me when I see people speeding up to get stuck in traffic. What's the rush?

Rylee - welcome to the blog, and thanks for sharing your writing with us :)

'beeping for promotions' is a really great line.

Aaron - I really like saying your final line out loud, it has a great rhythm to it.

motherinToronto said...

Spots blur vision
Moving taxi, door opens
Driver yells at drunk
Vomit spews down road.

Denin said...

The taxi driver
spends his days
spinning his little car
around the bay.

Across the bridge,
down the street,
there's so many people
he gets to meet.

Yet he wonders if
he'll amount to more,
he'd once dreamed of owning
a sportswear store.

But instead he drives
in his yellow cab,
but maybe his job,
isn't so bad.

Andrew said...

Yeah, I'm really excited about it! And the taxi thing confuses me too.

Marc said...

Mother in T.O. - oh, man. That certainly painted an image :P

Denin - really great opening stanza, and I think the final stanza wraps things up very nicely.

Ruby said...

All of your comments are wonderful.

Beep goes his horn as he rushes past in his car.
We do not know why he is in a rush we just jump in and of we go.

Marc said...

Ruby - as long as you're also in a rush, a taxi driver in a rush is a wonderful thing.

It can also be a little terrifying, but hey, nothing is perfect :P