Monday July 18th, 2011

The exercise:

Let us write about: the caller.

We had a pretty epic thunder storm overnight here. It was actually loud enough to wake me up at 1:30 in the morning, which is no small feat.

Thankfully the day was much more pleasant, and lots of good work got done in the garden.


The man answered on the second ring, though he could have easily done so on the first. He didn't want to seem too eager though.


"Is this Mr. Willis?"

"It is, who am I speaking to?"

There was a lengthy pause. Willis thought the connection had been lost and was about to hang up when the caller finally responded.

"I know this is going to be impossible to believe, but I'm you." The man sounded very tired. "We need to talk about what's going to happen tomorrow."


Greg said...

That sounds like a good thunderstorm! And conveniently timed too :)
I like the idea of a phone-call from yourself as it leaves things with plenty of space to develop. You've created a neat, elegant set-up with it.

The caller
"I'd like a pizza please," said the caller. The phone-line crackled with static.
"This is a pet shop," said Gabrielle. She was used to wrong numbers, but asking for a pizza was a new one. They were more likely to get calls for the dentist next door.
"Yes, can I have extra hamsters on top?"
"On top? Of your pizza?"
"Yes please."
Gabrielle looked up at the hamster cages automatically and then realised what she was doing.
"That'll be fifteen minutes," she said, hanging up.

Anonymous said...

I said I'd never go there,
But 20 voice-mails later
I have achieved obsessive status.

Denin said...

Tried to ignore him.
The man named Tim.
Although I'm pretty sure that's not his name.

He called every day.
No matter which way,
cell phone, landline, pager.

I knew what he wanted.
But still he taunted,
hounding me and threatening sinister deeds.

Finally, I saw him outside.
Came in silently, like the tide.
Fear struck me as the shades came off.

I frantically ran,
trying to escape the man
who wanted me to buy his product.

Marc said...

Greg - I don't think I'd care for a slice of that particular pizza...

Anon - yeah, twenty might be a *bit much...

Denin - very nicely conveyed.

Andrew said...

If only there were a way to block that obsessive caller. You know the one, the one that calls all the time while you're at work. Well, ow there is! Just get the Billie Mays voicemail, and when you don't answer, they'll hear him yelling at them to stop calling you. It's sure to scare away even the most practiced stalkers.

Marc said...

Andrew - sign me up!

Maddy said...

Decided to do something very sort sense my last one was so lengthly;

"Daisy! Daisy! Daisy wake up! I love you Daisy! Daisy!"
Oh God, yet another morning ruined to the Caller. No one knew his name, he just randomly came to the street one day and started calling out to Heather, saying he loved her, than fallowed her around school doing the same. The next day, it was Jamie(who was right next door), than Tina, Jeannette, ext.
I slowly sat up and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes when it ran up and gave me a huge punch in the face; Daisy lived right next to me. I was next. Oh God I was next! It was clear to me what the Caller's destiny was as I searched for my father's gun.

Ruby said...

He won't give up
Every day same time
Every night same hour
Every morning same reason
The police have us on speed dial
I guess we should turn the music down for our parties