Thursday July 28th, 2011

The exercise:

Write a little something about: the pet.

Inspired by the flies around here that pick one of us to follow around for the entire day, landing on and buzzing around their chosen pet to their little heart's content.

Until I kill mine, at least.

But then they're just replaced by another one :(


"I'm not sure that your Mama is going to approve of this," the store clerk said with a slight frown.

"Why not?" Bobby asked, not looking away from his newly purchased pet. "Don't you think she'll like Destroyer for a name?"

"No, it's not that," the clerk replied, struggling to find the right words. "It's just that... in my experience... well, most mother's aren't too crazy about their little ones having a poison dart frog as a pet."


Greg said...

I'd be with you on the killing flies thing – there's always more where they came from, and they're not doing anything useful if they're landing on me!
Heh, I think we should all be grateful it's Bobby and not Henri who's purchasing that Poison Dart Frog! I like the clerk though.

The pet
Miss Snippet ignored the child standing the by Bull Mastiff as she walked into the school. The dog was slightly taller than the child, and clearly wouldn't be held back by the lead if it decided to run off, but until the child came into the school building it wasn't her responsibility. She also ignored the child in the corridor who was wetting themselves as they struggled with a snake coiled around their waist that was rearing its head over them. She paused at her office door though. She had to, there was a panda sat in front of it, chewing thoughtfully on a bamboo chair that had once been inside her office.
"Whose. Pet. Is. This?" she said in clipped tones.
"Eeek! Mmmmph!"
Miss Snippet carefully leaned to one side, moving only her hips, and saw that the panda was sitting on a small child.
"We won't have another 'Bring your pet to school' day if you blockade my office," she said sternly. "I'm going to get coffee. By the time I'm back, you'd better have moved this animal."

Andrew said...

Wow, you guys both made me laugh! Here goes nothing.

The table has been set,
The host runs and frets,
Her friends are here,
Increasing her fear,
Down goes the table, the pet!

??? Well, I meant the pet knocked it down.

Anonymous said...

I have a little pet
It plays damn nicely
Freely killing leash holders
In their cuddly games
Don’t ever forget
The illusion isn’t real
Glass can hold me tight
But I seeps through cracks
Faster than pet rats
And all who pray
In cages
Die either way

Marc said...

Greg - hmm, Henri could have a lot of fun with that pet...

The image of the panda sitting on the child is priceless.

Andrew - I think I might have gotten the idea without the explanation, but it's late and I'm glad for it.

Anon - that's one creepy poem. Nicely done.

Shakirra said...

As the table was being set for tea the cats upstairs doing a bit of a pee.
Downstairs everyones eating every one exept for me.I'm upstairs cleaning,cleaning up the cats wee

Marc said...

Shakirra - haha, sometimes pets have the absolute worst timing. Often, even.

Miss B said...

BTW-My piece of writing is a diary entry.

Dear Diary,

Today when I was walking to school I saw this cute little puppy sitting on the street. It was so adorable so I ran home to ask Mum if we could keep it she came outside to see the dog. She said that she would see if anyone was looking for him while I was at school. So I ran to school as fast as I could. After school when I came home the puppy was sitting on our doorstep staring at me with Mum beside it patting it's head. I jumped for joy as Mum said we could keep she said it was a boy and that I could name it. I picked a name out of nowhere and called him Steve it was a random name but I liked it.

From Rose

Marc said...

Miss B - Steve is a fine name for a puppy :D

Crazycanine5/6 said...

I have a poem:
I have 2 dogs,
One Roxy, one Spider,
I don't know what to do,
I don't know which is wilder,
Roxy is playful,
They're both great,
Spider is beautiful,
He is black,
She is grey,
Their coats shine like diamonds,
I wonder which is wilder today.

Miss N said...

I don't have an addiction, i swear it's true and even if i did it's nothing to do with you! it's my life, i should be able to do what i want, and if i can't then neither can you!

Miss N said...



LittleBro 5/6 said...

Pet are small, pets are big, pets are all shapes, sizes and colours. Some are playful some just sleep all day. My pet is very playful. But sometimes he can get a little anoying like when he wakes me up at around 6:00am in the morning every day by licking me on the face. Some pets are really unusual like the one you sometimes see on funiest home videos.

Ruby said...

All because th dog is so cute I get blamed for everything. My mum even smacked me because "I" broke the vase.
The dog has to go.
One day our dog went to the toilet on our $1000 cream couch and mum saw. Outside went the dog and I never got in trouble ever again.

Rapdor 5/6 said...

I thought up a poem about a fish though I hope you all like it.


I have a fish his name is Sam.
Everyday I feed him jam.
he hates ham,
but still likes jam.

Though his favourite thing to do is jeer.
It's kind of wierd.


Thats it so i hope you like it.