Saturday July 2nd, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: chaos.

We had an excellent market today - we sold out of everything we brought, except for the plants (which we're really just bringing because we still have space to do so - though we did sell a few of those as well). That includes the approximately 240 pounds of cherries we hauled up to Penticton.

Things got pretty hectic.

But it was a good hectic :)


Money and cherries,
Swirling like drunk electrons...
I gave the wrong change?
Damn it, I'm such a moron.


Greg said...

That's a lot of cherries -- but it sounds like it was worth it if you sold them all!
I really like the idea of drunk electrons, I reckon there's an SF story in there somewhere from that.

Dysnomia is standing in the sitting room,
Waiting while her mother spoils the weather,
When Eris is done with making rain,
They'll find some mischief to do together.

Andrew said...

Oh, I totally understand chaos! I worked at a fast-food place yesterday and we got swamped with people leaving town or coming through for the fourth. We had trouble keeping up with them.

City's fall around our feet,
People screaming in terror,
Rubble falls on the street,
And people thought chaos was rarer!

Wow! That actually came out well, I think!

Denin said...

The puzzle has escaped the box.
It lies in a pile on the table.
The pieces want to align properly.
But they can't do it without help.

Marc said...

Greg - great, now you've got me reading up on electrons to see if I can make that work...

I'm not sure why, but I really like the idea of standing in the sitting room :)

Andrew - I think it came out well, too :)

I was just mentioning to my wife the other day that our local Dairy Queen must do stupid good business in the summer. I imagine long weekends are particularly crazy.

Denin - that first line really draws the reader in for the rest of the poem. And the rest does not disappoint in the least.