Tuesday July 19th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: the prisoner.

I blame watching Prison Break on Netflix this afternoon.

Feeling very on top of things in the garden at the moment. Harvesting for our restaurant order tomorrow morning, and then hopefully I can finally get around to planting a few spaces that have opened up around the garden as earlier things have finished off.


Waiting patiently
for the days to slip away,
till freedom returns.

*     *     *

No early release
for him - he doesn't believe
in good behaviour.


Greg said...

It sounds like you've got this farming quite well sorted out now! Harvesting has to be one of the more gratifying parts of the job though, surely?
I like your second haiku better, though there's a really lovely sentiment in the first.

The Prisoner
Held against my will
By responsibility
and chains of duty.


You can keep me here
but my mind will wander off.
I'm forever free.

Denin said...

Overrated stunts
have landed a once good man
in a foreign land.

Great power and fame
he was promised but was tricked
out of his world.

Aaron said...

I found myself writing at first about prisons then I realized and wrote on prompt.

Escape is hopeless
When where you want to go always
Puts bars before you

His tears were dark marks
That obscured a young man’s face
Forgotten was peace

Marc said...

Greg - harvesting is definitely the fun part, as long as I'm sure we have enough of what's been ordered. I wasn't certain about the carrots this morning, but we had plenty ready to come out of the ground, so that was good.

I quite like the sentiment of your second haiku. I'd like to think that's how I'd view the situation.

Denin - your second haiku intrigues me. It feels like the beginning of a good story.

Aaron - I'd say prisons would have been close enough, but I'm happy you caught yourself :)

In fact, I'd say you managed to fit both prison and prisoner into your first haiku. Nice!

Andrew said...

I sit here in my
Cell, knowing I'm in for a
Crime by another.

Imprisoned by my
Own mind, I can hardly think
Because thoughts collapse.

Sorry the first one just didn't want to come together.

Marc said...

Andrew - I think the first works okay, but your second is definitely my favorite.

Miss B said...

Oh why did I do it why oh why? This place is dark, cold and dirty. Well all crimes have consequences and this is what I deserve. I did the crime I have to do the time.

Miss B said...

Sad, lonely and reget,
these are the feelings that you get
when you are behind bars.

Bye bye prison hope you miss me
now that I'm out I'm up to mischeif

My secound one is stupid!

Marc said...

Miss B - I disagree quite completely! I think your second one is hilarious :D

Miss B said...

Thank you!

Ruby said...

Although many people would hate it here I am very different. Who wouldn't you get food, a place to sleep and clothes. Besides I don't have any friends or family. I always try to think why I like it here so much but nothing comes to mind. The only thing I don't like about here is the lasting memories of crime.

Maddy said...

Lonely, so lonely
Prison bars and minotaurs
Cruel, it's all so cruel
CLICK take a picture
of the the orange and white cat
Enchanting even trapped