Wednesday July 27th, 2011

The exercise:

Today we write about: the argument.

We had a big order from the restaurant this week, so harvesting for it took most of the morning. That's not a complaint!


A house so filled with love
Has now been hollowed out;
It began in sullen silence
And ended with a shout.

Neither can remember
What brought them to a head;
Both can't stop wishing
Those words could be unsaid.

The air has grown cold,
Their hearts twin blocks of ice;
All because they could not
Agree to play nice.


Greg said...

Sounds like you're doing well then, with all this harvesting! How long does the harvest season last for up there in Osoyoos?
I love the counterpoint of static and dynamic in the poem today. The last verse -- the lines that are too short seem jarring -- is that deliberate to bring across the feeling of disruption that the argument's created?

The argument
Men stand.
A table is pushed back by belligerent thighs,
Drinks shake, some spill.
Liquid, as bitter as rage,
Drips to the floor in a steady beat,
Thump, thump, thump
Predicting an onomatopoeic future.
Words, used now as weapons,
Hang in the air like razor wire,
Lethal, gravid, waiting to explode.
Around, more men shuffle,
Uncertain, debating their place,
Worrying if they should be assisting
Or defusing.
And now the shouting starts.

Andrew said...

Arguments separate,
Relatives jeering,
Going against morals,
Undercover, children hearing.

Meant not for their ears,
Every adult yells,
Never do their hear,
The funeral bells.

I'm not too happy with that, and I don't really want to try to make it better.

Denin said...

Useless red faces
Throats scarred with effort
anger imposed actions
and a fake hatred to hide behind.


By the way, for the next four days I'm on tour with a band I play in, so I won't be responding.

Marc said...

Greg - last year we went into early October still harvesting veggies, and a bit later for apples.

Wonderful imagery in your poem :)

Andrew - well, I'm going to enjoy it anyway. So screw you! :P

Denin - thanks for the heads up! Best of luck.

Andrew said...

Lol, Marc, thanks for improving my day!

Miss B said...

Stomping, shouting, slapping, screaming, fIghting. This is what happens sometimes in arguments which always makes sadness, anger, jealousy and normally results in guilt.
Try to avoid arguments at all costs.

Kim said...

This is an interesting topic as I argue with my friends here and there but we all say sorry after a while. I always wonder if arguing affects a persons mental health.

Kim said...

I wrote this poem:
Arguing with my parents leave me feeling bad,
Fights with my friend make me feel so bad,
Making up makes me relieved,
Much happier than could be believed

Marc said...

Miss B - arguments can be healthy, depending on how they're carried out. But yeah, I'll admit to preferring to avoid them altogether.

Kim - I think *not* arguing is bad for your mental health; too much stuff gets stuffed down instead of coming out, and that's never healthy.

That's a lovely poem :)

Crazycanine5/6 said...

Well, sometimes its not very good to argue because you might accidently hurt someones feelings

Crazycanine5/6 said...

Forgot to mention I changed my display name :D

Ruby said...

Hands ready to punch
Legs in position to kick
Words ready to hurt without touching
The Argument