Saturday July 16th, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: the first date.

Six years ago today I met for the very first time the woman I'd marry under an oak tree on a sunny afternoon in Osoyoos. I can assure you, I didn't see that one coming at the time.

Had a pretty good market this morning and now I be tired. I suspect next week I might accept when help is offered, as doing it on my own was a bit much. Interesting experience, certainly, and I'm now able to say I've done it. But... yeah, help is good.

Oh, right, picture. Here's the view after I finished setting up:


The story of us began
Rather innocently;
Six short yet long years later,
You mean the world to me.


Greg said...

The stall set-up looks pretty good, especially if you had to do it all by yourself! I'd actually thought the hard part would be having to do all the selling by yourself, but maybe that's the easy bit!
Six years! I'm really impressed you still remember the day you met that well. Congratulations!

The first date
Bishop Ussher was in a state
Of utter joy, of ecstasy!
"I've calculated the very first date!
22/10, 4004 BC"

(OK, so that's clearly day then month in that date, and if you google for Bishop Ussher it'll tell you all about his determination of the date of creation)
PS I'm stuck in Gibraltar for the next three days, so if I don't post it's because they've run out of electricity or something equally frustrating. I'll catch up when I can!

Denin said...

The night of October 16th.
Timidity vanished as the dance progressed.
Months later, I wonder how
things distenegrated so strangely.

Marc said...

Greg - setting up on time is the first challenge. Selling is the second, more prolonged one. But as long as you don't run out of change (as I was on the verge of doing on several occasions), it's manageable :)

And I've gotten better at realizing a line is a good thing and nothing to get stressed about...

I hope Gibraltar is good to you, as I'd hate to go three whole days without having to Google something I've read in one of your comments :P

Denin - ah, the first date of a failed relationship. Difficult to look back on in the vast majority of cases - until the next first date comes along :)

Andrew said...

One, a special number,
Followed by a special girl.
In our love we do not slumber,
As our worlds begin to whirl.

Marc said...

Andrew - that's a pleasant little poem to read out loud :)

Miss B said...

BTW-This is a weird poem and I don't normally write poems so they don't useally turn out!:)

Ah,love is in the air
What am I to do with my hair
What am I going to wear
that will match my hair.

Marc said...

Miss B - well this is a great place to practice (if I may so humbly suggest).

I think your poem has a hint of Dr. Seuss to it - I'd love to see it continued!

Maddy said...

Here's my own story :)

Coffee shop, attraction and wishes that cannot be true
Parking lot, confessions and an awkward stance
A lake, a car and "I love you's"
This was the God-sent start of a life long dance