Friday September 16th, 2011

The exercise:

Four lines of prose about: the maid.

Today was too busy for picture taking, so I'll have to make time tomorrow.

It's definitely getting cooler around these parts - the berries are fading again and early mornings require more clothing than I'm used to (I was rather cold for most of this morning's harvest).

Back to the market tomorrow morning, and then we're officially on vacation until next Sunday. I'm looking forward to it.


She wields her duster as though it were a sword, the dust bunnies her mortal enemies. Each morning they muster to stand against her, attacking from dark corners and forgotten crannies. But she destroys them all, emerging victorious at the end of every day.

She knows her thoughts are more than a little crazy, but they help her get through the drudgery and back home to her precious daughters.


Greg said...

Sounds like you're heading into my kind of season, though I am sad that the berries are fading. Still, fruit like apples and pears come next, and they're almost as good!
I like your maid, she turns what could be a dull job into an interesting one!

The maid
"When I was little," said Seline, "I wanted to be a lady's maid. I thought it would be so much fun, dressing her, picking out her wardrobe, listening to her stories about her day, sitting doing needlepoint with her."
Madame Sosotris leaned back, trying to look wise, and said, "And isn't it?"
"Oh no," said Selina, "it's all 'poison this', and 'hide this knife and get the blood out of these clothes', and 'tell the guards I've had one of my migraines all day'."

Alana said...

The funny thing, she thinks as she dusts the armoire, is that while she knows the intimate details of each of her clients, not one knows her secrets. A maid sees all - the pretty lace panties, the granny pants, the lipstick stain the mister tries to hide, the private message the missus leaves open on the computer as she dusts the desk. For ten dollars an hour, she is paid to clean, keep quiet and carry on. For a down payment worth 1,500 hours of cleaning, the most money she's ever seen, she has secured the right to tell everyone the secret world of cleaning houses in next servant's tell-all - The Silent Maid.

Marc said...

Greg - that concluding line cracked me up, well done :D

Alana - love the way you tied that all together in just four lines, great stuff :)