Monday September 12th, 2011

The exercise:

Today we write about: big news.

The north and south sides of the house are ready to be painted tomorrow, so here's hoping we actually manage to get a first coat on both.


Before I was out of bed for more than fifteen minutes, Kat and I received two pieces of big news this morning. The first came courtesy of her brother: as of 2:30 in the morning, we're now aunt and uncle to little baby Natalie. Mom and daughter are doing well, and we can't wait to meet her at Thanksgiving.

The other slice of news was of the less happy variety: most of Kat's high school in Oliver burned to the ground overnight. Obviously it's too soon for any decisions to be made about where all those kids will be going for classes, but it's going to be quite the ordeal, both emotionally and bureaucratically. I'm not sure how I'd respond to hearing my old school was essentially no more, but it's not hard to imagine how upsetting it would be - especially for current students.

Hopefully tomorrow proves to be a little less eventful.


Engelbert said...

Three things.

One - Brother proposed today, she said yes. Two - Also Mom's last birthday before I leave home. Wrote her a long poem about it.

Three - Worms Armageddon. Darn that game, I could never figure out. All the other worms, the computer ones, could throw grenades with perfect accuracy, and I'd find my own little guys drowning in the sea before you could say 'kamikaze'. Only today, when I was making the retro PS1 demos round did it click, and I beat the computer five games in a go. I still can't explain it.

It's been a crazy day. What a game.

Greg said...

Congratulations on the new neice! I know that US thanksgiving has been and gone, and that Canadian thanksgiving is at a different time, but you'll have to enlighten me as to exactly when!
And wow, that's sad news about the school. I hope it was an accident and not arson.

Big news
"I have news," said the Green Lightbulb. Dr. Septopus and Sylvestra were huddled round a small fire outside their igloo shivering and rubbing their hands together. Neither of them looked at him.
"I said, I have news," he said in a louder voice.
"Unless it's that you've found something to help warm us up, I don't care," said Dr. Septopus, his usual diplomacy escaping him.
"Have you realised that you taste good to walruses and intend to lure one to its death here by our fire so we can go home?" asked Sylvestra.
"No and No," said the Green Lightbulb. "I was going to save this until we got back, but I think we could all use cheering up a little."
"They've found a cure for you?" said Sylvestra trying to elbow Dr. Septopus so she could get closer to the fire.
"My twin brother, the Red Lantern, will be coming to stay with us for a few weeks," said the Green Lightbulb. "Isn't that good news?"
"We could kill him and claim he's a walrus...," said Dr. Septopus, elbowing Sylvestra back.

Marc said...

Engelbert - congrats to your brother, happy birthday to your mother, and... ugh, I remember that game. Stupid worms drove me crazy.

Greg - Canadian Thanksgiving is the second Monday of October; so the 10th this year. And American Thanksgiving isn't until November, actually.

There was an initial report (that I can't find at the moment) that said the fire started in a dumpster, so my hopes are not high on the accident option.

The Red Lantern? Ooh, I can't wait :)

Greg said...

Yeah, believe it or not, when I writing that yesterday (quite close to bedtime, as it happens) I genuinely thought it was the end of November. My sense of time is completely topsy-turvy at the moment. I shall try and remember that Canadian thanksgiving comes first!