Saturday September 3rd, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: the box.

What's in the box? You tell me. For us today, there were a whole lot of these in boxes we sent home with some happy customers:

Besides the tomatoes, we also sold a whole lot of peaches - which is good, because we brought a lot of 'em.

Tonight one of our house guests cooked us a Laotian meal and it was very much enjoyed by all. Tomorrow they head home, though the recipe will have been left behind.


I woke up this morning
And found it at my door;
There's no return address
And that ticking's a bore.


Greg said...

Those fruit are beautiful! Sounds like you a good market today. Was it just you and Kat, or did your houseguests help out a little?
You should tell us more about the Laotian meal though, that sounds fascinating!
Heh, your parcel sounds like it needs pride of place at the bottom of the sand-pit :)

The box
I keep it to remind me
Of the things it used to hold,
That are gradually used up,
As I inevitably grow old.

Harry said...

their cool weight in the hand
is as a vitamin grenade
some yellow, between off-green
some ripe for throwing

in a salad
or at the clown poet
who might pluck the
knotty sprig-top off
and wear it,
with vegetable egg on his face,
a crown.

Cool blog!



Ruby said...

The doorbell rang and he was off.
In the box was a baby, it surprised me, allot had never looked after a baby, only a child. I worked in an orphanage but nobody had left a baby at my door. I decided that I could try to look after her. I ended up calling her Annie. She ended up being a lovely girl and helped around the orphanage sometimes. I will always remember that night… the girl in the brown box…

Marc said...

Greg - the house guests were there for most of it, actually. And were kind enough to bring a few more crates that just wouldn't fit in the back of the truck :)

Dinner was a vegetable curry with prawn wraps on the side, along with a peanut sauce. Yum.

Lovely poem, really enjoyed that.

Harry - thanks for dropping by and sharing your take on the prompt! I really liked the image of the clown wearing the crown :)

Ruby - that sounds like the outline of a great story. I'd love to see you expand on it!

Maddy said...

A man came to the house
'This contains some ones soul
Do what you will.'
Such a simple thing drives all humans mad

Anonymous said...

A spaceship, a race-car, or many other things.
Oh the versatility of the cardboard box.
All it takes is some imagination,
You just have to think outside it.

Anonymous said...

Nobody ever looked in the box
They thought it would hurt them if they did
For anyone that ever looked in the box
Would fall in and never come out.