Thursday September 15th, 2011

The exercise:

Write something about: the family vacation.

The wind was blowing pretty good this morning, so we didn't do any painting until the afternoon. I spent some time working on posts to schedule for next week (more on that in a second) and Kat preserved tomato sauce with our extra Romas.

Then we got to work after lunch and got a first coat of paint on the east side of the house. With all four sides painted, we even had time to do a second coat on the front. That will likely be it for this year, as it'll probably be too cold after we get back (almost getting to it, hold on) to do any more.

I'll share some before and after pictures tomorrow or Saturday.

Okay, here you go:


We're leaving Sunday morning for a little get together with my family. It's my parents 40th anniversary next week, and they wanted to celebrate by going on an Alaskan cruise with the kids. So Nicky is flying in from Boston, Sue is arriving from Calgary, and Kat and I will be driving over from Osoyoos.

The boat departs Sunday afternoon and will be returning the following Sunday morning. So that means a week's worth of scheduled posts for you guys - of which I've managed to do three so far. I think it's safe to say you can expect a drop off in quality towards the end of next week...

Anyway. I'm really looking forward to this - I've never been on a cruise ship before and the last time I went on vacation with my family was... um, Jamaica when I was 5? And to have an actual vacation and not just visit with relatives? I'm not sure we've ever done that. Maybe when I was young enough not to remember it.

So yeah, scheduled posts will begin on Sunday and continue through the 24th. Which means... I should probably get back to working on them.


Greg said...

Oh wow, the cruise sounds like it should be good fun. Although I'm not sure a cruise with my parents would be all that much fun, but everyone has their own family :)
And even if this is it for the house-painting, at least you got all four sides done and not at the expense of a harvest or a market-day.

The family vacation
"And these are the slides from our first family vacation," said the Red Lantern gesturing to his fifth suitcase. "I think we invented the word playcation, which was briefly in the dictionaries in the early nineties but then fell out of use after someone," and his eyes avoided looking at the Green Lightbulb at all, "started malapropising it."
"I'm blind," said Sylvestra, ignoring the looks of shock and surprise that Dr. Septopus and the Green Lightbulb directed her way. "I'm sure that your slide shows are delightful, but I won't be able to see them, and I get very depressed when I realise what I'm missing out on."
"I thought... I thought you'd just returned from a walrus-hunt?" said Red.
"I was the bait," said Sylvestra. Dr. Septopus's tea-cup exploded in his suddenly tight grip.
"Really? Green's usually the bait for anything like that," said Red. "In fact, I think in the fourth box of slides we've got quite a long bit on when we staked him out and covered him in honey for a joke."
"That sounds very cruel," said Sylvestra instantly. "I think... I think I should stay and wat– listen to you describe the slides so I can understand the events in Green's life that have made him the way he is. Is it just the one vacation you have slides of?"
"Oh no, I have the playcation, the staycation, the vivisectication (that one never caught on) and the disinfectication with me."
"I can feel my eyes healing already," said Sylvestra with feeling. "I do hope you can stay for a while. Several months, perhaps?"

Alana said...

Hi Marc - new follower! Saw the SOS over at Dawn's blog The Write Soil. I have 4 prompts a week over at my page and that can be a lot to keep up - 1194 days in a row - WOW! That's awesome.

Will take a look back and do a few exercises over the weekend. Excited to see what you have here.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, the main thing was to get all four sides done. Even with just a single coat it looks heaps better.

I, like Sylvestra, am quickly warming to this Red character :D

Alana - hello and welcome! I look forward to reading your contributions :)

Super_Girl21 said...

Hi Marc.
I am a new follower! ;)

Madison Creasman said...

Family Vacation:
My family always plans to leave early Friday morning. However I wait till the last minute to start packing so that usually sets us back at least an hour. We always go to our beach house for about a week or two and we're always there during the fourth of July. That week consists of a bunch of eating, tanning, sleeping and fishing (mostly is my cousin and uncle that do that), but hey it's fun to watch.