Tuesday September 13th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: diets.

Because I stumbled across some nonsense fad diet while surfing the internet. Hey, I'm not picky about where I find my inspiration!

So the south exterior wall now has its first coat of paint and the fireplace, at long last, got a fresh coat as well. It's needed it since we first bought it... way back in October of last year (jeez!), but it can't be in use for two days after being painted so that eliminated the first few months we had it. And then warmer weather hit and our thoughts were turned elsewhere.

I'm just glad we got it done before the warm weather takes its winter vacation.


Beer, chips, candy, cake...
My diet calls for eating
Whatever I want

*     *     *

I'm a top model,
My diet just consists of
Cigarettes and air


Greg said...

You should at least tell us _which_ of the nonsense, fad diets it was! There are so many out there to choose from :)
It sounds like the house painting is coming on apace! At this rate it'll feel like you've just moved in again soon!
I like your second haiku best today, mostly because it reminds of a jockey friend I had a few years ago whose diet actually was toast and cigarettes in order to keep light enough to ride.

Makes my diet sound sexy
Even though I'm not.


My South Beach diet
Failed in a Swiss Chalet
I love-hate fondue.

Denin said...

Thriving in freedom
to express an aural thought
Music sustains me.


Choosing your diet
teen metabolism treats
all good foods the same.

modelhorsemad said...

@Greg - I love your first one xD

Here's mine, I hacen't been here for a while, but I am back :p

Okay I'll admit,
I'm not the healthiest girl,
But then who isn't?


Chips and Chocolate,
Of course for me today,
Ain't nothin' else

Marc said...

Greg - I honestly couldn't tell you which one it was. My brain deleted all related content as quickly as possible :P

The final line of your first haiku wins the day this week I think.

Denin - 'Music sustains me'. Beautiful.

Modelhorsemad - welcome back :)

I used to have chips and chocolate kind of days. Those were good days.