Tuesday September 27th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: the navigator.

I wrote my second one the evening after we didn't dock at Ketchikan because of bad weather. In all fairness, there was no way that could have been done safely. But I was feeling a little bitter, so there we go.

Oh, since Greg enjoyed the waterfall in yesterday's post, here's another one we visited:

And... let's see. How about a picture of our cruise ship, docked in Skagway:

I'll share a couple more pictures from the cruise tomorrow. And then maybe I'll share some pictures of the newly painted house? Maybe.


He keeps insisting
on only making left turns -
damned Nascar driver.

*     *     *

He claims the water
is too rough to safely dock.
I say he's just drunk.


Drake Davenport said...

Tells me to turn right
Directly into a field
Love that GPS
Stop for directions?
Never heard of such a thing
Men don't need such help

Drake Davenport said...

I hope you don't mind, I saw your copyright notice and thought that that would be a good idea for my blog, so I copied the first paragraph. I couldn't think of any better way to put it on mine.

Greg said...

@Drake: I think I like your first haiku better, though they're both nicely, sincerely expressed.

@Marc: I like the second waterfall too, though you and Kat seem to have forgotten to pose in front of it this time. I'm rather enjoying picture week!
I like your first haiku better this week too, if only because I think that enough left turns will get you there eventually. Except in one-way systems.

The navigator
He is never wrong,
Always calls his lefts and rights,
But the captain's deaf


By shining starlight
He sailed off to Timbuctoo.
We're lost without him.

Marc said...

Drake - ha, two great haiku. I have to agree with Greg in that the first is my fav :)

And no worries about the copyright thing (I'd actually forgotten I'd put that down there and had to go re-read it). Glad you found it useful.

Greg - hmm, tough to choose between your two. I'll go with your second as my fav this week, but it's very close. Good stuff!