Friday September 30th, 2011

The exercise:

The last day of September? Already?

Anyway. Go write four lines of prose that have something to do with: spicy.

Had a big harvest this morning, which tends to happen when we skip a market like we just did. Lots of tomatoes, colorful peppers (including our hot ones - thus today's prompt), squash, eggplant, potatoes... and on and on.

Right, I promised house pictures. Here are the befores:

That's the front. Here's the back:

And here be the afters:

And back:

We're quite pleased with how it has turned out so far. The back and sides still need a second coat, but it'll do for now.


The knife slices through the red flesh as he struggles to keep the smile from his face. A few more quick movements and the cayenne is added to the simmering dish before he reaches for another jalapeno. He hears the doorbell ring but doesn't move to answer it until two more peppers are added to the pot.

After all, he'd hate to spoil the surprise for his dear, sweet, elderly, rich mother.


Greg said...

I love the red you've chosen for the house! It contrasts so well with the green all around it, and is a lovely warm colour, inviting (and easily visible) in winter snowdrifts :)
Oh, and Kat in the first picture looks great too, she looks like she's about to chase you and paint you for taking her picture ;-)

Your story both makes me hungry, and wonder what he's cooking. I might have to guess Goulash, I think....

Spicy, she thought. There was something definitely spicy about this yarn, and it was... weak, that was the word. It kept breaking, forcing her to pause her knitting and knot it back together again.
Jenny's date stared, his fork half-way to his mouth, as she obliviously knitted her spaghetti diabole between gulps from a very large glass of vodka martini.

Jackerbie said...

knitting spaghetti? that'll make for an interesting sweater or toque. delicious, too.

Something about the colour red screams danger, though it beckons to be tasted as well. I scream for more and more, dropping leaves of kimchi into the boiling stock. The wooden spoon dips in and I take a quick taste. No need to add that pinch of salt; my tears fall directly into the pot.

Marc said...

Greg - glad you like it!

Ask and I shall receive, huh? Much appreciated :D

Jack - great final line!

I hope you're enjoying the food over there :)

Drake Davenport said...

Let's see... Spicy, spicy spicy...

There he stood, locked in an epic battle of historical proportions, his enemy of multiple layers sitting between his fingers. Holding back the tears became harder and harder until, finally, they burst forth. They splashed gently against the cutting board, onto the counter top.

Yes, Chuck Norris can make onions cry.

Marc said...

Drake - ah, I do enjoy a good dose of silliness :)