Friday September 9th, 2011

The exercise:

Four lines of prose about: the boss.

Lots of tomatoes harvested today. It be that time of year.


Sharon walked down the hall, head held high, confidence oozing from every pore. She was going to do it, at long last - demand the raise everyone knew she deserved.

She pushed open the door to her boss's office and stumbled to a halt.

"Sorry Sharon," her boss's assistant said from where she was kneeling behind his desk, "the big guy is out for repairs - you'll have to come back tomorrow... assuming the parts get here in time."


Greg said...

Tomatoes famously fruit heavily, but I guess you won't have any trouble selling them either :) My chili plants have produced a decent crop of peppers, though not as many as last year, so I may have to repot both of them after they're finished.

Ah, if only all bosses were as easily fixed....

The boss
Charles Ascugimento tapped the nameplate on his desk, and stared at the terrified security guard sat in front of him.
"What does this say?" he said, his voice level and even, the way the air is calm before a hurricane.
"Er, it says President of the United States," squeaked the guard, turning beetroot red. "Er, is that right?"

Dawn M. Hamsher said...

I shouted your blog out today! :0)

Marc said...

Greg - I'm not sure the nameplate is right, but I'm also not sure I'd question it :P

Dawn - thanks very much :)